Panenka kick attempt → ridiculous miss → ‘Am I easy?’ GK outraged → Throw the ball into the kicker

He was beaten by the ball rather than downplaying his opponent too much. This is the story of Antoine Milley, a French third-division player.

British media “Daily Mail” reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “Milli, a striker from Chatoru of Championa Nacional in the French third division, attempted the worst panenka kick in the round of 64 in the Coupe de France.”

Panenka Kick is a penalty kick technique derived from the name of Antonin Panenka, who played for Czech Republic in the past.

Panenka played a final match against West Germany for Czechoslovakia at the 1976 European Championship. With the Czech Republic leading 4-3, Panenka, who appeared as the fifth kicker, demonstrated his technique of rushing as if kicking a real penalty kick, taking advantage of the fact that the opponent team’s goalkeeper was moving in advance, and then tapping the ball with his foot to push it slowly into the center. He successfully secured the victory for Czechoslovakia.

In this game, Milley performed well enough to be selected as the “Man of the Match (MOM)” by scoring the first goal in the first half of the extra time against Legevier in the same third division and winning the most competitions.

The problem arose when the penalty shootout was in a 2-2 tie. With Chatoru leading the penalty shootout 3-2, Millie came out as the fourth kicker. Since Rehevière was the leading player, if Millie scored, Chatoru’s victory would be confirmed regardless of the remaining kicker results. 랭크카지노

Was it because Milley wanted to appear in a local newspaper the next day? He tried the panenka kick, a technique which is effectively taboo in penalty shootouts.

The result was obvious. The goalkeeper didn’t even have to dive or move. With a poor Panenka kick, the ball floated just knee-high before rolling and easily falling into the arms of Rehevière goalkeeper Theo Emmeline.

Emmeline bent down, caught the ball slowly approaching, and threw the ball towards Millie’s head in despair. It meant that she was joking. Immediately, the referee intervened to stop Emmeline, and Millie slowly returned to her team as if she had nothing to say.

A Panenka kick is a shot that even well-known players never try. If the opponent is a goalkeeper who calmly follows the ball with his eyes without throwing his body first, a slow and slow-flying ball like a Panenka kick is too easy to stop.

Moreover, the goalkeeper who stops can’t help but feel bad. Considering that shootouts are usually held in cup competitions, attempting a bold shot like Panenka can be interpreted as belittling the goalkeeper.

However, the goddess of victory ruled in favor of Milley, who was somewhat arrogant. This is because all of the players who played as the fifth kicker of each team succeeded and Chatoru won the game 4-3 overall. This is a result that has to be divided from Emelin’s point of view.

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