“Set success rate of 72%.” Kim Myung-kwan has changed, Hyundai Capital’s spring volleyball hopes

Men’s professional volleyball Hyundai Capital is continuing its winning streak in the second half of the year with hope for spring volleyball.

Hyundai Capital came from behind to win 3-1 (22-25, 25-23, 25-23, 25-18) in the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League away game at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the afternoon of the 7th.

This is the first victory against Samsung Fire this season. Hyundai Capital’s Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ahmed) scored 30 points including two serves and one block, while Heo Soo-bong and Jeon Kwang-in both scored 14 points each. Choi Min-ho also scored 10 points by making four blocks and one serve.

He recorded 26 errors, seven more than his opponent, but he laughed in the height and firepower fight.

With the victory, Hyundai Capital has won five consecutive games. It gained three points each for five consecutive games to leap to fourth place.

After the game, acting Hyundai Capital coach Jin Soon-ki said, “If I make more efforts, I will be able to participate in the spring volleyball tournament. While winning five consecutive games, I won the championship without losing any points. I think this is the best scenario to be able to play in the mid-ranking fight. It was a good game that gave me hope that if I make more efforts, I will be able to join that pace.”

He added, “The players are getting along well. There are more things that the players want to do during the operation time, and there are much more conversations. Those parts are working positively 마카오토토.”

In particular, Kim performed his role by recording a set success rate of 72.37 percent on the day. He attempted 76 sets and succeeded 55 times, and there were 15 sets that came out when the opponent team was blocked.

Kim Myung-kwan, who is tall, created a high-run offensive score with Ahmed, and raised the team’s atmosphere with a quick attack that caught the opponent off guard at a decisive moment.

Acting coach Jin also said, “He is a fully capable player. I commend him for being good.” Even before the match, acting coach Jin said, “Myung Kwan is a shy and introverted player, and he asks me to hit him one more time, and asks for more players to hit him, and his tiki-taka is doing well. My role is not to be playful. Senior players are doing well.”

Captain Moon Sung-min also said of Kim Myung-kwan, “My facial expression has brightened up, and I think I have gained confidence. I know what my strengths are. I think I am confident in my attack to keep the team atmosphere alive, and I think I am working hard without worrying about it.” 마카오토토

Kim Myung-kwan has now more leeway. “I am giving the ball to the strikers without any pressure. These days, he jokingly asks Kwang-in and Su-bong why they failed to hit the opponent’s block when they put the ball to a lower level. I will give you one more chance, so please make sure,” Kim said.

As for the situation in which Heo Soo-bong participates in receiving, he replied, “I try to run the game with the opponent’s blocking low. Ahmed is also handing over well in times of crisis, so I think he believes in it for sure.”

The atmosphere on the court is different, too. “We talk to each other a lot even when we are losing. That’s why I feel like I have more power to get in sync and hold onto each other,” Kim said.

In addition, Kim Myung-kwan said, “When the meeting didn’t work, no one talked about our strengths and only talked about our weaknesses, but we talked about our strengths a lot. I’ve definitely gained confidence myself. As I’m talking about my strengths, I think it’s going well because I think that even if I make a mistake, I can change the mood quickly and make use of our strengths. I feel good when I hear compliments, and I’m trying to do better to hear compliments,” he said.

Kim also has strong will. “I think I’m getting better and better. I’m trying harder because I don’t want to be told that I’m neglecting my duty because of the military because I’m going to serve in the military after this season,” Kim said.

Hyundai Capital’s remaining games in the fourth round are against Korean Air and OK Financial Group. Hyundai Capital is singing the spring volleyball hopeful song amid a fierce competition in the second half of the year.

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