‘Overseas challenge’ Lee Dae-sung, contract not signed… The hot FA market closes

All players who entered the renegotiation period with the original club after failing to sign a contract in the professional basketball free agent (FA) market were unable to find a new contract.

On the 30th, KBL announced the results of the renegotiation of the free agency.

Six of the 13 subjects, including Kim Dong-wook, Park Sang-kwon, Won Jong-hun, Kim Han-young, Lim Jong-il, and Jeong Hae-won, decided to retire. Bail Kang, Jaehyun Park, Jeongjae Lee, Sejin Park, Seongjun Yoon, and Jonghyun Jeong were not called to the original team.

They did not receive any recruitment offers from other clubs during the period of submission of the letter of intent after the first round of voluntary negotiations. Then, the last chance to negotiate with the original club was given, but the result was the same.안전놀이터

Lee Dae-seong, the signboard of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, did not sign a contract with the original club because he was seeking to advance into the overseas stage.

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