Overpowered Everton on Christmas Eve! Son Heung-min scored his 11th goal in the league → Top-rated team

Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) scored the same goal against Everton, who met again on Christmas Eve for the first time in five years.

Son Heung-min scored a decisive goal in the 18th round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season against Everton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London at 00:00 (Korea time) on the 24th, leading to a 2-1 victory.

Son Heung-min saw a chance at the gate at the 18th minute of the first half when Brennan Johnson’s shot was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper, and finished the game with a right foot shot without delay. He showed the decisive power to accurately score a non-stop shot even when there were many opposing defenders as it was in front of the goal.

Son has moved up to second in overall Premier League goalscoring this season. He is tied with Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, who has not played 18 rounds yet, and Jared Bohr of West Ham United, who scored a goal in the previous match against Manchester United.

More than anything else, Son has elevated his overall score ranking by one notch in the Premier League. Having scored a total of 114 goals, Son has become the 23rd ranking, beating Ian Wright (113 goals). Among Son’s top rankings, Raheem Sterling and Steven Gerrard are tied for 21st with 120 goals, while Romelo Lukaku is 20th with 121 goals. This is a gap that can be reversed sufficiently because Son’s scoring pace is fast this season.

Tottenham, which put Son Heung-min at the forefront of the attack, repeated Hisharlisong’s front-line card. Below that, Dejan Kulusevski and Brennan Johnson supported firepower in the second line. Oliver Skipp and Pape Sarr worked together in the third line, and the four-back consisted of Emerson Royal, Christian Romero, Ben Davis, and Pedro Porro. The goal was saved by Guglielmo Vicario.

Fortunately, Son Heung-min started the game without any problems. Ahead of the match against Everton, Tottenham did not see Son Heung-min in the video clip of the team’s training posted on its official channel, which caused concern. British media TBR Football also mentioned the possibility that “Son Heung-min and Romero, the most important players in Tottenham, were absent from the training ahead of the match against Everton. All of the key players, including Kluzewski, Sar, Pororo and Udogi, were in the video clip, but none of the two players were in the video,” the source said.

Son Heung-min was in a normal physical condition. He shook the net of Everton with his light physical movements from the beginning. He is not the first memory that left Everton frustrated on Christmas Eve. In 2018, he scored two goals and one assist while facing Everton on the eve of Christmas as he is doing now. Just like then, Son showed confidence in Everton and shook the net.

His 11th goal came early. Son Heung-min scored in the 18th minute of the first half when his team was leading 1-0. Son, who was facing a corner kick, shook the net with his right foot when Johnson tried to dig into the right and was blocked by goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Tottenham, which led the way with Son Heung-min’s goal, suffered some crisis as it went over the middle of the first half. Tottenham stepped back as Everton pulled up the line for a comeback goal. The more the goalkeeper Vicario became busier. James Garner’s shot was blocked in the 34th minute of the first half, and Jack Harrison’s shot was also calmly blocked at the end of the first half.

There were some scenes which made Everton feel unfair. At the 40th minute in the first half, the team made a chance with a cross by penetrating into the right side, but Dwight McNeil connected the shot but failed. The problem was that the ball came into the shot position. At the moment, he couldn’t concentrate on the two balls and his shot was inaccurate.

Everton’s misfortunes continued. Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored a chasing goal at the fifth minute in the second half. However, Son claimed that Andre Gomes robbed Emerson of the ball before Calvert-Lewin fired a shot, which was a foul. The VAR office also recommended reviewing the footage, and the referee cancelled the score after on-field review.

While playing full-time, Son tried hard to block Everton’s counterattack. There were many attempts to create opportunities for teammates through passes rather than shots. However, several passes were inaccurate and Son bowed his head to the ground in disappointment. When Everton were trailing by a single goal in extra time in the second half, they penetrated the opponent’s door and created a chance with a cross, but it did not lead to a goal.

Son made a total of 56 ball touches in 90 minutes, according to soccer statistics media “Sopa Score.” He made a total of 34 attempts and 24 successful passes, displaying a 71 percent success rate. He made two shooting attempts, and showed off his decisive power to score one of them.

They gave Son a 7.2 percent rating, which was considered to be among the top performers in his team. Vicario goaltender (8.3) had the highest score, followed by Emerson (8.2 points).

Another statistics company, “Huscoord dotcom,” gave Son a 7.6 rating, judging that he performed the best among the four strikers. In this media, he was mentioned as a second highest rated player after Emerson (8.5 points) and Vicario (8.2 points). 월카지노

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