Positive mood for Tottenham recruitment… Tottenham also wants it, and is willing to sell it

Positive news has been reported about Tottenham Hotspur’s signing of Conor Gallagher.

“Tottenham is still interested in Gallagher, and Chelsea will consider an offer coming to Gallagher in January,” England’s Sky Sports said. 헤라카지노

It also explained why Tottenham became interested in Gallagher. “Tottenham is known to have come up with an offer for Gallagher during the summer transfer market, but Chelsea eventually decided not to sell Gallagher, given that Gallagher showed impressive performance at the end of the transfer market and that he had no replacement,” the media said, pointing out that Tottenham had been interested in Gallagher since the summer transfer market.

Gallagher continued to impress under Mauricio Pochettino, and he also captained the team several times. However, there is no sign that Gallagher, who is 18 months away from the expiration of his contract, will sign a new contract, and Tottenham is closely watching the situation.

Gallagher, who has played for Chelsea since childhood, has grown remarkably through his loan at Crystal Palace in the 2021-22 season. He achieved his career high by taking an aggressive role in the second term, and has returned to Chelsea after successfully completing his loan. Although he slowed down for a while in the 2022-23 season, he has become a key resource for Chelsea this season and is showing influence in the second and third terms.

Gallagher’s appearance captivated manager Enze Postecoglou’s heart. Tottenham’s current recruitment of additional midfielders is not the top priority, but considering that the team has been shaken after James Maddison’s unexpected injury, an alternative is needed. Gallagher is not a player who can play the game with creative passes and play-making like Madison, but it is certain that he is a style that contributes to the team in a different way.

Tottenham is expected to start recruiting Gallagher after recruiting center back, its top priority. Tottenham is known to be in talks with Nice center back Jean-Claire Todibo over a transfer. As soon as Todibo is completed, it is expected that Tottenham will try to recruit Gallagher.

“Sky Sports” said Tottenham could take out Pierre-Emile Hoivier as a swap deal card, but explained that it is unclear whether Chelsea is currently interested in Hoivier.

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