“Natural Talent” KIA foreign ace praised left-hander 150km fireballer… ML showcase is imminent ‘Wait 4 years’

“He has a natural talent. He will succeed.”

KIA Tigers foreign ace Will Crow (30) has a golden opportunity to check the credibility of his remarks at the Canberra Spring Camp in Australia. KBO announced the final roster of its national team to play in the Seoul Series Special Match in Major League Baseball on the 7th.

Lee Eui-ri (22), Kia’s left-handed fireballer who has become a regular member of the national team, was also included. Lee graduated from Gwangju Jeil High School and joined the team as the first pick in 2021. Starting with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic and the Asia Professional Baseball Championship 여우알바.

The team has 35 pitchers on its final roster and a whopping 17 pitchers. The Korean national team will play against the San Diego Padres on June 17, and the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 18, respectively. Given circumstances, they will likely pitch evenly in one game each. If not a starting pitcher, he would not be able to pitch more than one inning.

Anyway, to Lee Eui-ri, it is like a showcase in the Major League. In December last year, the U.S. baseball statistics website FanGraph grouped Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun ( Hanwha Eagles), and Kim Ju-won (NC Dinos) into younger groups that could challenge the Major League in the future.

Of course, it is not known when they actually want to go to the Major League, or if they don’t really want to. Still, it is not common for KBO leaguers to play against MLB players in 100% condition. It is not a spring camp practice game. Dodgers and San Diego are also set to play their second consecutive games from June 20 to 21. Therefore, the team is expected to stage an all-out war against the Korean national team, LG Twins, and Kiwoom Heroes from June 17 to 18.

Lee Eui-ri is basically a left-hander, but has a stub that shoots 150 kilometers. He changed his grip on changeups at the Driveline Baseball Camp in Seattle last winter. He is also learning how to splitters for new and old models. He also got advice on splitter from Crowe in Canberra.

It is not known which hitters Lee will face, but whatever the outcome will be, it will be of great help to his growth. You can test change-up and splitter, or test your competitiveness with your natural weapon. It will be most interesting if the showdown with Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers takes place.

Key players of the Dodgers and San Diego front office are expected to participate in the Seoul Series. If anyone in the final 35-member roster has a dream of the Major League, apart from Lee Eui-ri, the meaning of the Seoul Series is different. Not to mention Lee Eui-ri, Moon Dong-ju, and Noh Si-hwan. Kim Hye-sung, who officially announced that he would go through the posting process after this season, is likely to rush in with his eyes open.

Lee played full-time for three years. After completing the 2027 season, Lee can apply for posting. He will be entitled to move to the Major League as early as four years later. Time flies.

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