“How could it not have been shaken? It’s going to be different this year”

“How could it not have been shaken when Ha Joo-seok is also a human being?”

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho picked Ha Joo-seok again as the main shortstop. This is because the training attitude and pace were the best in the team.

Choi said, “I will leave Ha to shortstop. Ha is a very big player in his team in terms of defense. There is a big difference between Ha and Ha. I think he also had a chance to make a big splash with his team. I am thinking of Ha as a shortstop in the new season.”

Ha was suspended from 70 games by the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) after being caught drunk driving at the end of 2022.

He returned to his post after the sanctions were lifted, but he only posted a batting average of 0.114 in 25 games. He had a disappointing season both in ball and water.

Although the sanctions have been lifted, psychologically, it can be assumed that they were still being pursued. When your mind is at rest, your body does not move at will.

“Ha is also a human being, so how could he not have been shaken? I think it would have been time for him to reflect on himself a lot. This year is different. I worked hard in the spring camp and I feel that I have improved a lot in my spirit as well. This season, I will be able to wash away my regrets from the past year,” Choi said.

While Ha Joo-seok was away, a promising player named Lee Do-yoon grew up and took the position of Hanwha’s shortstop.

Lee played in 106 games last year, displaying his own performance with a batting average of 0.252 OPS of 0.619. Subiatt was also evaluated as having endured it well. 퀸알바

However, the coaching staff believes that there is still not enough to catch up with Ha’s level.

“Ha Joo-seok really worked hard. I felt that he was determined to be tough. I have been preparing for this year’s event by silently digesting a lot of training. Fortunately, my hard work has begun to show off. I expect him to show a completely different performance from last year. I have high expectations for him this season,” Hanwha’s senior coach Chung Kyung-bae said.

If Ha Joo-seok plays shortstop, Hanwha’s infield will have a lot of stability.

Currently, the second and first basemen are not confirmed. Third baseman Noh Si-hwan is not a strong defense either.

In particular, the possibility of An Chi-hong entering first base is expected, but An Chi-hong is not an expert in first base. He is also not very tall. Hanwha infielders may feel burdened by throwing.

The difference between having and not having Ha Joo-seok is inevitably large. Ha Joo-seok is a player who can bring stability to the entire infield. If you can put down your mind’s burden, you will say that you expect a better play.

How will Ha look this season? Hanwha still needs him.

It remains to be seen whether Ha will be able to establish a stable team from defense by taking the center of the infield.

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