Natural enemy → Ah-gun → Natural enemy again…Oh Jaeil’s “Scary” Won Taein. “I hope you understand everything.”

From nemesis to ally, and back to nemesis.

Won Tae-in (24) of Samsung has a concern. He will meet Oh Jae-il (38) as an enemy. Things have changed with the trade. He used to be a reliable “baby boy.” Not anymore. It is the revival of the “natural enemy.”

When this reporter met him in Daegu on Sunday, Won said, “Oh Jae-il has become the enemy again. Some say he is different from the past, but I think he would be just as scared. Still, I struck out once during the camp. I will go with that confidence. I also remember the repertoire then.”

He was smiling, but he couldn’t. Because it was Oh Jae-il. I have too many memories of being severely beaten. Oh Jae-yeol was so strong against Won Tae-in that even the word “natural enemy” was not enough.
The numbers tell. Oh had eight hits in 13 times at bat against Won Tae-in, batting average of 0.615 with five homers and 15 RBIs, on-base percentage of 0.688 and slugging percentage of 1.846. His OPS is 2.534. This is a figure that can only be found in a game. 메이저놀이터

In 2019, he joined Samsung as the first designation. He came to the professional league with a dream of becoming a Chung-woon, but he was defeated when he met Oh Jae-il. In his third year in 2021, Oh Jae-il earned a thousand dollars. Oh Jae-il wore a Samsung uniform through a free agent contract.

The contract was signed by Oh Jae-il, and there was a strange scene in which Won Tae-in received the congratulations. This means that Oh Jae-il was a scary being for Won Tae-in. Samsung also lost one scary enemy.

As time passed, Oh Jae-il left again. On Friday, Samsung made a trade with KT. After sending Oh Jae-il, Park Byung-ho has been receiving. Veteran slugger Park Byung-ho, whose position became ambiguous, exchanged big guns. Park displayed his presence by hitting home runs as soon as he arrived.

So far, so good. Won is worried about Oh Jae-il he will meet in the future. As he left, Oh Jae-il warned Won that “you are dead now.”

Won Tae-in said, “I checked the rotation after the trade came out. KT was scheduled to play in Suwon at the end of June. Oh Jae-il is said to be sluggish, but I think he will be equally scared.”

“Actually, I put the cutter back on because of you. You asked me why I didn’t use it when I tried. I learned what I felt while dealing with him,” he said. “The problem is that you were on the same team and knew everything. You will be a more scary hitter.”

In addition, Won Tae-in said, “Both me and the team are seniors who led us the best in 2021. I was flustered after hearing the news of the trade. I got emotional. It’s not something to congratulate. I just said hello briefly. I will keep cheering for you.”

2019-2020 was a time when Won Tae-in didn’t know anything about it. Currently, Won is a different pitcher. He has come a long way. He has become a key starting pitcher for the national team. Now he is “real” and meets Oh Jae-il. It is a shame to say goodbye, but the situation has happened. It is time to catch a natural enemy.

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