Mbappe has a plan! Hint for the next destination for Real. “I’m an AC Milan fan, I’ll play there someday.”

Kylian Mbappe has expressed his desire to play on the Italian stage before his retirement.

According to “Football Italy” on the 29th (Korea time), Mbappe, who recently visited Italy to win the Globe Soccer European Championship Award, said he was a fan of AC Milan.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen. I was a fan of Milan when I was a kid, and I’ve said that one day I’ll play there,” Mbappe told Sky Sports. “My family and I always watch Serie A games for Milan. Serie A is a great league, and next year there will be more teams in the Champions League than any other league. Maybe I’ll play against Serie A teams in the Champions League,” he said, exciting Milan fans.

Mbappe is about to move to Real Madrid. His contract with Paris Saint-Germain, which he had played since 2017, has ended and he will join Real as a free agent. At PSG, he did everything he could except for the UEFA Champions League. He played 307 games and recorded 256 goals and 108 assists, and was the top scorer six times. He has won all the championships he can in Korea, including six in the league and four in the Coupe de France.

He also expressed his gratitude to PSG. Mbappe said, “I enjoyed every moment with my players and fans during my seven years at the club. There are goals and trophies, but most importantly, being a member of the team, things that can never happen in life, and relationships. I thank PSG.” 메이저사이트

Real Madrid was Mbappe’s dream club. Mbappe has longed for Cristiano Ronaldo since he was a child and has supported Real Madrid. A picture of Mbappe’s childhood room with Ronaldo and Real Madrid’s photos on it became a hot topic of conversation. After making his debut at the age of 16, Mbappe grew into the world’s best player in nine years and achieved his dream.

Mbappe’s remarks could be a hint that his next destination in Spain is Italy. He could stay at Real for a long time and rise to the legendary ranks, but he could choose a new challenge later in his career. There is a high possibility that the destination will be Italy.

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