In search of an opportunity, eventually to Daegu…The third milestone stage has been set

The conclusion between Park Byung-ho (38) and KT Wiz was a trade.

KT made a one-on-one trade with the Samsung Lions on Friday. KT sent infielder Park Byung-ho and acquired infielder Oh Jae-il.

Park wanted a clear chance. This season, Park hit 198, three homers and 10 RBIs in 44 games.
He still showed off his skills as a big gun last year with a batting average of 283 with 18 home runs in 132 games, but he rarely started this season.

In the meantime, Moon Sang-cheol had a batting average of .322 and nine home runs in 46 games, taking off the label of backup to become the starting member. Park Byung-ho gradually lost his chance to play in the KT.

Park Byung-ho, whose position has narrowed, eventually asked the club to transfer or release him. Although it does not give many opportunities right away, Park Byung-ho was also a necessary support for KT over the long season. 메이저사이트

Above all, KT signed a three-year contract worth 3 billion won (down payment 700 million won, annual salary 2 billion won and option 300 million won) to recruit Park Byung-ho, who was a free agent ahead of the 2022 season. It paid 2.25 billion won in compensation to Kiwoom, which was its original team, and spent a total of 5.25 billion won to recruit Park.

The trade with Samsung was made at a time when it was not easy for KT to send Park Byung-ho easily.

For Park, Samsung can be a land of opportunity. Lions Park, Samsung’s home ground, is a baseball stadium that is friendly to batters. If a batter is bolstered, it is most likely to lead to a home run.

Park Byung-ho also has a good memory. He had no hit in four times at bat this year, but over the past three years, Park has hit nine home runs with a batting average of 31.17 percent, the third-highest number of home runs after his home stadium and Gocheok Dome. His batting average was the highest among the nine stadiums.

Samsung expected, “As a right-handed slugger required for the team, we will not only solidify the left-right balance of the team’s batting line, but also maximize the advantage of superior home run productivity at Lions Park, which has a short fence distance.”

Park had another chance to set the milestone this season. He had 383 home runs in his career as of Friday. He has 17 homers to go. If he achieves 20 this season, he will become the third player to have 400 home runs following Lee Seung-yeop and Choi Jung. Park is also aiming for this season.

While Park had only 18 homers last year, he had a total of more than 20 homers from 2012 to 2022 (excluding the 2016-2017 MLB season). If a fire breaks out, this is a record that can be achieved again this season.

As Samsung has David McKinnon as its first baseman, it will not be easy for Park to immediately play as its starting first baseman. However, as Park is clearly ahead in slugging capability, Samsung is also highly valuable as a first baseman or designated hitter.

Park Byung-ho will join the Samsung squad on Tuesday. However, as he was removed from the roster of the first team due to back pain on Wednesday, his registration and participation will be determined based on his condition.

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