“Murder of 20 women at Sillim Station”… A man in his 30s, why the warrant was dismissed?

On the 22nd, the Incheon District Court Warrant Exclusive Tribunal (Chief Judge Lee Gyu-hoon) announced that it had dismissed the arrest warrant for Mr. A, who is메이저사이트 suspected of intimidation.

Judge Lee explained the reason for the dismissal, saying, “Considering the background and content of the case, the degree of the case, the suspect’s attitude, residence, family relationship, and criminal record, etc., no reason or necessity for arrest is recognized.” Mr. A is suspected of posting a threatening message on the social network service ( SNS

) at around 4:47 pm on the 19th, saying, ‘I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station in Seoul’. The police tracked the Internet Protocol ( IP ) address and arrested Mr. A at his residence in Gyeonggi on the morning of the 20th. Ms. A, who has no particular job, stated to the police that she did it because she wanted attention. Meanwhile, Mr. A arrived at the Incheon District Court that day wearing a navy blue hat and mask, covering most of her face and covering her handcuffs. When asked by reporters, “Why did she post a threatening message?” she bowed her head and replied, “I’m sorry to the people.”

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