MLB Seoul Series, which was the first grandest in history… and the three remaining significances of Korean baseball

It was the first Korean game in the history of the Major League Baseball for more than 100 years. The much anticipated 2024 Major League World Tour Seoul Series ended in a grand finale and left great significance to Korean baseball.

A new history of Korean baseball was unfolded at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from the 20th to the 21st. The opening game of the 2024 regular season between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball was held.

The secretariat of the Major League Baseball (MLB) is playing in various countries other than the U.S. in an effort to expand baseball’s base. It started in 1976 in Puerto Rico. The New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates played games in honor of legendary Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente, who died in 1972, which became the starting point of the Major League World Tour.

As time passed, the opening fanfare of a season exploded in foreign countries as well. Examples include Monterrey in Mexico (1999), Tokyo in Japan (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2019), Puerto Rico (2001), and Australia (2014). However, not a single major league game has taken place in Korea. This year’s Seoul Series and each and every play of the players will become history.

Dodgers and San Diego left Korea immediately after Game 2 of the Seoul Series ended on Wednesday. They will resume the regular season after going to the U.S. after completing their exhibition game schedule. The Major League Baseball players have left, but I would like to summarize three main implications of staying in Korean baseball with this Seoul Series.

◆Host successful Major League Baseball

In everything, the ‘first’ is always important. That’s why when you meet someone for the first time, your first impression affects them, and when you start something, how you put the first button on it determines your success.

The Seoul Series was the first meeting between the Major League Baseball and Korea. The 2022 Major League World Tour was planned to be held at Gocheok Dome and Sajik Stadium in Busan, but it fell through. The manager of the All-Star team and the ticket sales method and ticket price were disclosed, but it was a precious opportunity to open the game again, leaving regret that had not been fulfilled. The result was successful. As if they were the best players in the world, the Major League’s players had a high quality and splendid game. The fans left the stadium satisfied with the fierce competition.

As the first major league world tour in Korea was completed perfectly, I have high expectations for the future. In fact, Dodgers manager David Roberts and San Diego manager Mike Shildt both expressed satisfaction with the Seoul Series. “This series may have helped to increase the popularity of Major League Baseball in Korea,” Roberts said in an interview after the second round. “We played well in the Seoul Series thanks to the Korean fans and officials who welcomed us,” while Shildt said, “There is something I want to say. I want to thank the Korean people. I was able to play a good game thanks to their hospitality and made great memories. I am grateful to everyone who organized this Seoul Series and helped us.” It was very significant that Korea made a positive first impression on the Major League.

◆Are you watching MLB scouts?…A showcase of domestic players

In the Seoul Series Special Match, Korean players showed off their skills and showed their presence.

The Dodgers played practice matches with the Kiwoom Heroes on Wednesday, Team Korea on Wednesday, and the San Diego Padres with the Team Korea on Wednesday and the LG Twins on Wednesday. It could be nothing more than a simple practice, but MLB clubs did their best. Both teams prepared a 31-member roster in preparation for the Seoul Series, which included star players, key players, and a lineup that was practically full strength that included a large number of top prospects. And it was a great help to Korean players. They learned a lot from breathing and playing games on the same ground as them, and were able to show off their skills.

Representative player is Kim Taek-yeon (Doosan Bears). Kim took the mound in the bottom of the sixth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers and displayed a perfect pitch. He drew attention by striking out Teoscar Hernandez and James Outman. The two hitters were quality hitters who hit 26 and 23 home runs last year, but Kim Taek-yeon, a high school graduate, did not hesitate to throw his own ball. After the game, compliments poured in for Kim Taek-yeon. When asked about an impressive player, Roberts said, “One of the right-handed pitchers (Kim Taek-yeon). I heard from the outman that he pitched really well. It was impressive to see him throw high fastballs at 153 kilometers and 154 kilometers per hour. I thought he used his arms really well.” 퀸알바

John Morrissey, a reporter at and a representative source of Major League Baseball, also showed his admiration for Kim Taek-yeon. He expressed his expectation by writing on his SNS account, “You have to remember Kim Taek-yeon’s name. You can become a notable player at the World Baseball Classic in the next few years.”

The same applies to Kim Hye-sung (Kium Heroes). In the game against the Dodgers, he hit Bobby Miller’s fastball of 156 kilometers to make a double that hit the right fence. Since then, he has captured the hearts of Dodgers scouts by displaying fast focus and stable defense capabilities. When asked about Kim, Roberts first mentioned that “Our scouts like their second baseman (Kim Hye-sung). They hit well and moved well when defending.” After the end of this season, Kim will try to advance to the U.S. through a posting system (closed competitive bidding). He has also decided to accept his team Kiwoom. He announced his name to the Major League manager, scout, and baseball reporter, informing them that Korea has good players as well.

◆ The owner of the house is also unfamiliar… Gocheok Dome, which has all changed

The landlord is also unfamiliar with Gocheok Dome.

Gocheok Dome has completely replaced old facilities ahead of the upcoming Seoul Series. It was the first time since its opening in 2015. In 2022, Giza participated in the inspection of Gocheok Dome by the Major League Baseball’s secretariat.

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