“Infinite love call for Inter and Kim Min-jae, who have been aiming since 22…”Munich, who writes a diary, how about a complete transfer after renting?”

“Come to our team this time”. “Inter is seeking to strengthen his defense. He is a dream player,” Italian Gazeta delo Sport reported on Tuesday (Korea Standard Time). Inter Milan is currently having problems with its defense. Veteran defender Francesco Acerbi is on the verge of suspending his team for 10 games. At the last match against Napoli, Acerbi is suspected of making racist remarks to opposing defender João de la Jejudice, who scored the equalizer at the end of the match. He is known to have used the offensive word “Negro.” At the time, Acerbi approached the referee and complained that Acerbi had said something explicitly racist. In an interview with DAZN after the game, Jeju Island did not criticize Acerbi further, saying he had apologized. “Acerbi was a little over the top, but he did. He is a good person, and everything will be fine after the game 업소알바. He is a smart person, so it will not happen again,” he said. However, the case has yet to be resolved. Acerbi was rejected by the Italian national team for an A match in March, and a suspension of more than 10 matches is also being considered. It is unclear whether he will be able to play at Euro 2024 in June. Acerbi explained that he did not intend to discriminate against others, but it is unclear whether his claim will be accepted. Inter are looking for a new defender. Gazeta Dell’s Sport said, “Inter is already looking ahead. They are separated from Acerbi and have faced the skills of Stefan the Bray, who is not always perfect. What they need most in the next transfer window is a new central defender. We need a real owner to lead the defense, not just a replacement.” The No. 1 candidate was Kim Min-jae. “If Inter can choose, if there is only one defender to bring, it is Kim Min-jae,” the media outlet said. “Inter’s interest goes back to the past. Pierre Ausilio said that he had been paying attention to Kim Min-jae since he played for Fenerbahce, and when Paris Saint-Germain tried to take Milan Shkrniar in July 2022, he paid attention to Kim Min-jae.” The fact that Kim Min-jae is having a hard time competing for the starting member position in Bayern Munich also adds to his strength. The media outlet said, “Kim Min-jae is now a Bayern player, and theoretically, he is a player that no one can break through. However, that is not the case. He has virtually lost his position in Bayern and has been criticized by the media and fans. I am not very satisfied with the current situation.” Recently, Kim has been sitting on the bench as the duo of Eric Dier-Matthews the Licht. Kim was absent in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 match against Lazio, and was deployed only in the 30th minute of the second half against Mainz. He also failed to play in the match against Darmstadt. It is the first time that Kim Min-jae has sat on the bench for three consecutive games since moving to Bayern Munich. Until the middle of the season, he played full-time in 15 consecutive games, and there were concerns about overwork, but now the situation has changed 180 degrees. It is highly likely that Coach Thomas Tuchel will not appoint Kim as the starting pitcher in the future. He said that Kim has no problem with his performance, but added, “Dear and The Licht won the game, and they work well together. They are also working well with fullback and defensive midfielder. Communication between the two is going very well. There is little reason to make a change now.” First of all, Kim said in an interview with T-Online, “You will learn something. I have no particular complaints. I am training hard. I am confident that I will show my skills anytime.” Kim vowed to compete for the starting lineup. However, if the tough situation continues and Inter moves aggressively, he cannot rule out returning to Serie A. As Kim won the Serie A title and the best defender last season, he has many good memories in Italy. Inter, which is struggling with financial difficulties, reportedly has no funds for Kim to completely transfer to the club. Inter are showing signs of being invincible in the league, but they are very concerned about their defense team even if they return to the next season. Except for Bastoni, both Acerby and The Bray are quite old. What has emerged as an alternative in the process is Kim Min-jae, who has changed his position in Munich. “Inter is trying to reinforce its defenders due to issues with existing veteran defenders. In particular, they want Kim Min-jae,” Football Italy said. “He is a player that Inter was aiming for in 2022 in the first place.” The media outlet said, “Like Romelo Lukaku in the past, he will try to recruit Kim Min-jae to join the military. On top of that, Inter and Munich are getting along well, which could lead to a deal. However, Kim Min-jae is such an expensive player that he has put other players on the list.”

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