Middle school girl slapped and group assault… While filming the video, “Do you think I’m going to die? Haha”

Middle school students assaulted a middle school student in an underground parking lot. He even took a picture of it on his cell phone, but he said it was because he was late for an appointment메이저사이트.

This is reporter Lee Seung-hwan.


Kicking the girl in the back and driving her to a pole.

He starts slapping his cheeks repeatedly.

[XXXah, right? Isn’t it?]

A child who only stands and gets hit, trips over her leg, climbs on and hits her back.

When he doesn’t respond, he hits her on the head.

Meanwhile, the laughter and ridicule continues.

Assault lasts a long time.

It kicks up behind her and pulls up her clothes.

A big boy also grabs him by the hair and beats him.

[Take down your clothes. I don’t like the look. XXX.]

The beaten child fell to his knees.

She kicks and kicks her.

Laughing, tripping and strangling her while looking into her face.

[Do you think you will die? Do you think you’re going to die? XXX.]

Laughing while filming this scene with a mobile phone.

[Greetings. you have to keep your head straight What did we do wrong?]

The group assault took place in a parking lot on the 4th basement floor, the lowest floor of the building, especially in a corner like this.

It was a place where even CCTV did not shine.

The hit child was 13 years old, 2nd year of middle school.

His face was covered in bruises.

[Mother of victim student: Being beaten that way just for being late for an appointment… ]

The perpetrators are an 18-year-old boy and four middle school students.

The child who had been beaten for a long time finally cried.

[{Are you coming around here? won’t you come?} won’t come. {Just don’t come out of the house.}]

An injured child is now afraid to go outside.

Police are investigating the perpetrators.

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