American man returns home after 8 years of disappearance

Recently, the story of a man who went missing as a teenager in Texas, USA and returned home after 8 years became a hot topic. However, in fact메이저사이트, it was confirmed that he had been staying at home with his mother for a long time, USA Today and other American media outlets reported simultaneously. His name, Rudy Farias, 25, also tops the Yahoo search rankings.

The Houston Police Department held a press conference on the 6th (local time) and announced that the news that Farias was alive, announced through the Texas Missing Center on the 3rd, was not true.

Farias disappeared while walking his two dogs in northwest Houston on March 6, 2015, at the age of 17, and his family reported him missing the next day. However, almost 8 and a half years passed, and on the 28th of last month, around 10:00 pm, someone found him lying outside the church and called 911. The police identified him and handed him over to his family.

His mother said in a broadcast interview that her son was found with cuts and bruises all over his body and blood on his head. . In fact, police have been receiving tips from friends and relatives that Farias is not believed to be missing. Police officers even met and talked with him in person. He gave his fake name and fake date of birth, and he said he was not Farias.

His mother, Janie Santana, has consistently insisted that her son has disappeared, and to friends and relatives who have seen Farias entering and leaving the house, she has claimed that it was not her son but her nephew.

Neighbors, who confided that they did not know that Farias had been reported missing, confided in an interview on local KTRK broadcast that he had been living with his mother for several years.

The reason why the hat had to keep fooling the police and the people around it with absurd lies is not immediately clear.

Police declined to comment on the mental health of Farias’ mother, saying it was “too early to say”. He also said that the investigation into the incident is ongoing and that they have not yet been charged with making a false report. He also added that she is providing psychiatric counseling to Rudy.

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