“Mbappé Real transfer will be announced in a few days!” … PSG Ambassador’s conviction, “No more drama, the Real transfer has already been made.”

Rumor has it that Kylian Mbappe, ace of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), will move to Real Madrid. The drama has no end in sight.

Rumors of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid have been continuing for years. In particular, it is reaching its peak this season. Mbappe’s contract with PSG ends this summer. However, he has not signed a contract yet. If this continues, Mbappe will become an FA this summer and will be able to transfer for free. It is interpreted that Mbappe’s move is a scenario to move to Real Madrid. 

Recently, the rumor of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid went to the highest ever. It was reported that Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid was confirmed. However, this also fell into a mystery again. It was reported that Mbappe was on the verge of failing to transfer to Real Madrid due to excessive salary demands. 

When Real Madrid and Mbappe deviated from each other, it was reported that Liverpool and Arsenal of England jumped into the recruitment of Mbappe. In addition, the boring drama continues to air, with the news that he will eventually stay at PSG.

Against this backdrop, some captains were confident that the drama would come to an end, drawing attention. Lorraine Blo, a former member of the French women’s team who also played the role of PSG Ambassador, has ended her controversy over her transfer to Mbappe. 헤라카지노도메인 She made a confident comment.   

“Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has already been made. Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid will be announced in the coming days. Mbappe is going to Real Madrid,” Blo said through Spain’s Marca.

He added, “Even within PSG, we have confirmed our breakup with Mbappe. We have been living in this drama. Now we have transferred to Real Madrid.”

Mbappe, who is still silent even though his trip to Real Madrid has been confirmed. He claimed that this was due to his love and respect for PSG.

Blo emphasized, “Mbappe loves PSG, he has respect for PSG. As an adult, he’s waiting for that time.”

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