AD’s destructive power in the ‘Triple Double’ expedition

Davis showed off his overwhelming destructive power.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Charlotte Hornets 124-118 in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Charlotte Spectrum Center on the 6th (KST).

DeAngelo Russell scored 28 points, including five three-point shots, the most in his team. LeBron James also had 26 points, four rebounds, and seven assists. However, Anthony Davis was the star of the day.

Davis completed a triple-double with 26 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 assists, playing 37 minutes and 8 seconds. The field goal success rate reached a whopping 75.0 percent (12/16).

Davis displayed his best condition by scoring eight points from the first quarter. In the second quarter, he focused on plays that enabled his teammates to gain more opportunities and accumulated five assists. The fourth quarter was also his time. He had 10 points and three rebounds, beating Charlotte’s lead.

Davis, however, was not satisfied. In an interview after the game, he expressed his disappointment over his performance in the fourth quarter. The Lakers allowed 32 points in the fourth quarter. It was painful that they couldn’t stand the wild booms of Brandon Miller and Miles Bridges.

Davis said, “Miles Bridges scored like crazy. Brandon Miller did the same. He lost defense in the fourth quarter. He finally let the flow go. We need to finish the game better. I was nervous, but I’m glad I won 꽁머니지급.”

The Lakers finished a tough six-game road series with four wins and two losses.

“Everyone did their part well to play as a team. There were some things that didn’t work out. But it was a great away game,” Davis said.

Coach Dabin Ham also expressed satisfaction, saying, “We have built trust for each other. Thanks to you, we were able to overcome hardships.”

However, the future of the Lakers is not so bright. Major role players such as Jared Vanderbilt are out due to injury.

“We are looking for ways to play without a few players,” Davis said, expressing confidence. “We can be strong even in the absence of players.”

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