Lotte’s Bae Young-bin joined the military before “non-reporting of drunk driving → release of the club → disqualification for one year in the KBO.” “I will grow up and come back. I will have a safe trip.”

It was belatedly revealed that Bae Young-bin, a former Lotte Giants infielder who was caught for drunk driving and tried to hide it, was found by the club and was notified of his release.

After graduating from Seoul High School and Hongik University, Bae Young-bin, who signed a contract with Lotte last year, played in 18 first-team games and recorded five hits (two doubles) in 16 at-bats, two runs and one stolen base.

Bae was caught behind the wheel after drinking alcohol in Seoul on Oct. 23 last year. He drove a car that had been parked in an alley about 300 meters so that a chauffeur could find it well, but police cracked down on him. His blood alcohol content was almost like a revocation of his driver’s license.

Since then, Bae has participated in the closing camp without voluntarily reporting the fact to the club. However, when he belatedly learned of Bae’s drunk driving on the 11th, the club belatedly started an investigation into the truth and reported it to the KBO clean baseball center. Since then, Bae has been excluded from the closing camp.

Lotte held its own disciplinary committee to dispose of Bae. The team said that it judged that driving under the influence of alcohol was a serious offense and that hiding it without voluntarily reporting it to the team was a serious matter.

The KBO has been disqualified for a year and given 80 hours of community service. “Bae Young-bin was caught drunk driving on April 23 and caused a social stir, and he damaged the league’s dignity by not reporting it to his club or KBO,” 헤라카지노주소 the KBO said.

The KBO’s reward and punishment committee decided to punish Bae Young-bin for one year based on Article 151 of the KBO Code [Damage of dignity] and decided on 80 hours of social service activities to add weight to the unreported part.

Bae Young-bin said on his Instagram on the 8th, “There are so many people I’m thankful for before I go to the military, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t say thank you to each and every one of you.” He added, “I’m going to say hello even though I’m more grateful for my trust and support for me.”

“She is such a precious person. I am so grateful. I am so sorry that I am disappointed,” Bae said, bowing his head down. “I was so thankful that no words could have been enough. I was so happy because of her. I will grow up and come back. I will have a safe trip.”

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