Lee Jun-seok’s tearful interview… “Please admit your mistakes after coming to power.”

On the 16th, former People Power Party representative Lee Jun-seok asked President Yoon Seok-yeol, “Please acknowledge the errors that have occurred over the past 17 months since taking power.”

He criticized the ruling party, saying, “Are you afraid to say that the president’s direction in running state affairs needs to change?” and “Have they decided to collectively deny reality because they are tired of hearing people talk about sacks of barley?”

Former Representative Lee wiped away tears several times during his remarks and called for a change in President Yoon and the power of the people as if speaking to a local mayor.

Former Representative Lee poured out his bitter words in a long press conference of 3,900 characters at the National Assembly communication center that day.

Referring to the crushing defeat in the by-election for the head of Gangseo-gu in Seoul, he criticized the People Power Party, saying, “It is absurd to say that the voice that came out after several days of deliberation after the election defeat was ‘strengthening the entire party and government.’”

He continued, “Are you afraid to say that the party is no longer an organization subordinate to the president after facing such public anger?” and “I am very disappointed in the people who could not say that even after the situation got to this point.” “I felt a lot of self-destruction yesterday and today,” he said.

He then placed the blame on President Yoon.

Former Representative Lee said, “If you, who blocked the free expression of opinions within the ruling party by using the word ‘internal violence,’ do not lift that curse yourself, no matter how freely you speak and pretend to change, people will not easily open their mouths, and that curse is the curse of the Bambino.” “It will harass the ruling party for a long time,” he said.

At the same time, he said, “Today’s idiom is ‘break the decision,’” and added, “(President Yoon) please lift the curse of the ruling party’s collective silence.” He continued, “ The Buck Stops Here

, I don’t hide behind people (I take full responsibility). “Isn’t that the president’s original intention repeatedly?” he asked.

Former Representative Lee also said, “People often say that it is close to impossible for a prosecutor to admit an error and that they should no longer attempt to make메이저놀이터 such a request to the President. However, the President is no longer a prosecutor. “Please express the President’s true feelings to the public in a lively manner, rather than through an insincere anonymous interview from a member of the President’s Office,” he said.

Then, he said, “When many things were going wrong in the presidential election, 60 days were enough to overturn it and achieve victory.” He added, “What kind of color can the ruling party reflect on its mistakes and paint in the 180 days given to us?” “It will begin with the president’s determination and courage,” he said.

Former Representative Lee claimed that “the government and the ruling party are not only blocking the investigation, but are mass lynching him” regarding former Marine Corps investigation team leader Park Jeong-hoon, and Hong Beom also demanded that the ruling party raise his voice to stop the transfer of the bust.

He also urged that efforts should be made to stop reducing the research and development ( R&D ) budget, expand the number of medical schools by realisticizing the number of medical schools, and restore academic rights.

Former CEO Lee was unable to continue speaking as he wiped away tears while speaking about the death of Chae Sang-byeong at the press conference.

Former Representative Lee shed tears during the Q&A after the press conference and said, “If there was a way for President Yoon to win the election without changing the current policy and state administration stance, I would have wanted to do the same. “I would have advised CEO Kim Ki-hyun to do that,” he said. “(But) no matter how much I think about it, I can’t see it, so what should I do?”

Former Representative Lee also said about this interview, “I was talking about a way to win next year’s general election without bringing in Lee Jun-seok,” and “The way the President can win next year’s general election without changing the current policy and state administration stance is “There is none,” he declared.

He continued, “I don’t want to comment on my personal progress today,” but regarding the selection of the party leadership, “I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to necessarily evaluate it.” “Many citizens will not wait long to see how much courage the leadership can muster,” he said.

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