Israel warns of evacuation again… “Postponed by a few days due to weather”

With the imminent deployment of ground troops in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Israel has warned residents to evacuate again.

American media reported that the ground battle was expected to be large-scale, with tens of thousands of people deployed, but that it could be delayed a few days due to weather.

Reporter Kim Seon-hee reports.

In the Gaza Strip, where explosions continue day and night, tensions have increased ahead of the deployment of ground troops.

Israeli tanks are still waiting for orders to attack near the border.

The Israeli military emphasized that this operation would eradicate Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

[Abi Rosenfeld / Commander, Gaza Strip, Israel: We will do everything until victory to protect Israel. We look forward to attacking Hamas until it is crushed and toppled.] The

Israeli military, which once notified residents to evacuate, also presented a deadline and warned them to quickly evacuate to the south.

At the same time, he said he would disclose evidence, saying that Hamas is blocking the movement of residents.

Hamas is countering the Israeli military’s evacuation warning, calling it a ‘fake propaganda war.’

Since the 13th, hundreds of thousands of residents have fled from the north to the south.

However, many people are still unable to leave their hometowns.

[Shehada Abu Draz / Gaza resident: We will not leave for the Sinai Peninsula or other Arab countries like they kicked us out in 1967. They forced our brothers in Lebanon to move to Tunisia and killed them in Tunisia.]

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that Israel would deploy tens of thousands of troops to the ground war in the Gaza Strip.

It is the largest since 2006, when Lebanon was invaded in response메이저사이트 to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.

Additionally, officers were quoted as saying that the reason for the delay in the attack was that it could be delayed for a few days due to cloudy weather.

If the weather is bad, it is difficult for fighter jets and helicopters to provide air cover.

Israel also has the burden of having to fight arduously in hundreds of miles of maze-like underground tunnels against Hamas, which is adept at guerrilla warfare.

There are concerns that a massacre could occur as it is difficult to distinguish between Hamas members, who are estimated to number around 30,000, and civilians.

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