Korea Gas Corporation’s ‥, which aims to gain an advantage against KCC for the first time in two consecutive home wins

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which has been on the rise recently, is challenging its first “home two consecutive wins” of the season.

In the 2023-24 professional basketball match against Busan KCC at Daegu Gymnasium on Christmas 25th, Korea Gas Corporation will try to narrow the game gap against eighth-ranked Goyang Sono with its first two home wins of the season 월카지노.

Gas Corporation, which had a 1-1 record in their previous matchup, which they met only twice on the road, is looking forward to winning thanks to Sam Josep Belangel’s performance in both games.

In his first away win of the season and his first showdown with KCC, which succeeded in escaping 10 consecutive losses, Bellangel led the team to victory with his first 30 points game of the season, and even in the second game when he recorded a loss, he had 14 points, two rebounds, and four assists.

Manager Kang Hyuk, who leads the team’s rise by utilizing Bellangel, who is the main pillar of double guard tactics with Kim Nak-hyun, also shows expectations for a good game, saying, “I think I will play a good game at home if I catch a fastball based on my equality in rebounds.”

Opposition KCC ranked fifth with six consecutive wins since the last showdown with Gas Corporation, but the variables are that it was inferior to 5 wins and 7 losses on the road and that one of the two losses recorded at home is a showdown with Gas Corporation.

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