Is this all humiliation in years? Man Utd are pouring out all sorts of records

Manchester United is taking the worst step. It has fallen into a dark period of writing several disgraceful records again.

Manchester United collapsed again. In an away match against West Ham United in the 18th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League held on the 23rd, the team lost 0-2.

Manchester United is nearing the end of the year. Starting with a 0-3 loss to Bournemouth in the middle of this month, the team has yet to secure victories in matches with Bayern Munich (0-1), Liverpool (0-0), and West Ham. The team not only showed poor performance in the Premier League but also lost its pride in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Above all, the score disappeared. The amount of money invested to strengthen the offense is astronomical, but the strikers’ capabilities are not meeting expectations. In the match against West Ham, Manchester United also put forward Rasmus Hoyleun and Antony, the offensive duo that invested 185 million euros (about 265.5 billion won). They did not show much performance and had a significant impact on Manchester United’s scoreless four consecutive games.

Hoyleun has yet to score in the Premier League wearing a Manchester United uniform. Hoyleun, who showed talent at Serie A’s Atalanta in Italy last season but was still concerned, has yet to immediately show a transfer fee of 85 million euros (about W122 billion).

Antony has to shake the sides of his team after adapting to Manchester United, but he still repeats pass that is out of sync with his teammates and makes individual play that is close to far-fetched. Antony has also been scoreless in the Premier League this season.

Their teammates are also looking forward to it. Marcus Rashford, who has been in charge of Manchester United’s offense, has only two goals, while Anthony Martial and Alejandro Garnacho have scored one goal each. Facun and Felistiri, who hoped to join and grow up, are frustrating.

Meanwhile, it is the first time in 31 years that Manchester United has had no goal in four consecutive official matches. According to soccer statistics firm Opta, former coach Alex Ferguson failed to score in four consecutive matches for the first time since his days in November 1992. With no goal for six hours and 21 minutes, the number of goals scored reaches six, indicating that no player can win at all. 랭크카지노

Naturally, Erik ten Hag’s future has also become uneasy. He displayed possibility of change after taking the helm of Manchester United last season, but his performance in his second year is quite poor. Due to the loss against West Ham, his team fell to eighth place in the Premier League. Regarding the dismissal, critics say that there is nothing strange about the situation even if the red light is turned on.

Spanish media “As,” which examined Manchester United’s sluggish performance, said, “It is the only time since the 1930-31 season that Manchester United lost so many games before Christmas. Ten Haq’s predecessors were fired higher than that. Former managers David Moyes and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were dismissed from seventh place, while Jose Mourinho and Luis van Gaal were also fifth and sixth, respectively.”

It is pointed out that Ten Ha-ch’s current pace is no better than several previously unsuccessful coaches at Manchester United. Ten Ha-ch’s expectations, which he said would recreate the glory of Ferguson’s system in the past, are falling.

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