Kim Joo-hyung Im Sung-jae Kim Si-woo and Lee Min-woo will participate in next year’s Masters

Kim Joo-hyung, Im Sung-jae, Kim Si-woo and Australian Lee Min-woo have been confirmed to participate in the “Myeongin Yeoljeon” Masters, the first major tournament of the world men’s golf season to be held in April next year.

The Associated Press and other foreign media reported on Monday (Korea time) that 77 players have been selected to participate in the Masters, including the world ranking of 50 girls in men’s golf and the winners of all time. The 77 is not the final number, but it is the smallest number since 1985.

The number of participants will also increase if a player who was not normally qualified wins the PGA Tour event, which is held just before the opening of the Masters, and if there is a new player who entered the world ranking of 50 girls a week before the opening of the Masters. 헤라카지노 The winner of the Latin American Amateur Championship to be held next month will also be given an invitation to the Masters.

Kim Joo-hyung (11th), Im Sung-jae (27th), Lee Min-woo (33rd), and Kim Si-woo (46th) were among the top 50 girls in the world rankings, and they were confirmed to participate in the Masters early on. Of the 77 players who have been confirmed to participate in the event so far, four are Korean (Korean) players, accounting for 5 percent of the total participants. You can feel that Korean (Korean) “Young Gun” are showing great performance.

Usually, 85 to 100 people participate in the Masters, but 87 people participated in the Masters last year. There are 20 criteria for participating in the Masters. They include the past winners who will be permanently qualified to play, winners of other major competitions in the last five years, finalists of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in the previous year, and 50 girls ranking in the world at the end of the year.

Next year’s Masters is expected to be held in a strange atmosphere. Defending champion John Lam of Spain recently moved to LIV Golf, which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. At the Masters in April, Lam defeated Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson of the U.S. who belong to LIV Golf to win the Green Jacket. In the worst case scenario, next year’s Masters could become a feast for LIV golfers from a PGA Tour perspective.

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