“If you think long, your courage disappears… I was inspired by that.”

Lim Seong-jin, 24, is nicknamed “Prince of Suwon” in men’s volleyball. It is easy to find female fans chanting his name at Suwon Gymnasium. With 900,000 social media followers, Lim was not only selected as a member of the national team but also picked as the MVP for the first time in his second round. He met Lim, who was born in the Year of the Rabbit, at the Uiwang Training Center in Gyeonggi Province after a fruitful year.

Lim has been a hot topic of conversation since he was a student at Sungkyunkwan University. It was all thanks to his neat appearance and cool figure as a model. He displayed good performance and skills enough to represent his youth. After jumping into the professional stage in 2020, Lim ranked second overall in KEPCO’s uniform. He got the opportunity to play right away, but it took some time for his team to blossom into the spotlight. He finally became a starting member this year, exploding his potential. During the off-season, he played for the Korean national team while wearing the Taegeuk mark.

In the 2023-24 season that opened in October, the team showed further growth. The team not only showed off its tall offense (1 meter 95 centimeters), but also improved receiving and defense. The team was ranked among the top in all categories including scoring (11th), success rate (10th), serve (9th), and defense (receiving dig) in January next year. It also ranked second overall after Shin Young-seok, his team’s senior.

“I was busy without a break. But it’s good for a player to be busy. I think it’s been a meaningful year,” Lim said. “I’m not particularly greedy for personal records. I want to be a player who is good at everything.”

Kim Ji-han (Uri Card), Lim’s best friend of the same age, asked how he endured the losing streak. “Even before the opening of the season, I was evaluated as ‘Korea would do a good job,’ but I got off to a bad start,” Lim said. “It was tough, but I felt that I am getting better with more and more games. Thanks to that, I think I have achieved a seven-game winning streak.” KEPCO recently jumped to fourth place (8 wins and 8 losses), and joined the race to rank players. 랭크카지노

Lim’s social media followers, which numbered more than 200,000 when he was at Jecheon Industrial High School, are approaching 1 million. Nowadays, fans from other countries such as Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan also visit Suwon to see Lim. “Thank you for coming all the way to Korea to support me,” Lim said.

“I happened to learn that ‘long thoughts lose courage’. There are times when you have a lot of thoughts during a game, and the result is often bad. Considering the fast and sensitive characteristics of volleyball, I felt that the word was perfect for you. I want to play bolder.” Lim said, “Now I am in my fourth year as a professional player. As I gained experience, I felt more relaxed on the court. It was effective to play more boldly than before and to the point where I looked ignorant.”

KEPCO ranked third last season. With Ryohei Iga (Japan) joining the Asian quarter this season, the team has become more solid. Lim Seong-jin and KEPCO are now looking forward to winning their first championship. “I am playing on the court with the mindset that I will win this game. If I keep taking that step by step, I think I will be able to achieve the championship,” Lim said.

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