Kang Yoo-rim of Samsung Life Insurance, who enjoyed a honey-like vacation, what are the remaining vacation plans?

 I plan to play basketball in a really difficult place (?).

After the playoffs in mid-March, Yongin Samsung Life went on vacation. Kang Yoo-rim (26, 175cm), who played in all games last season and recorded an average of 34 minutes and 3 seconds per game, 12.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists, putting Samsung Life in third place, is currently enjoying a honey-like vacation.

Kang Yu-rim said, “I am playing well and resting well. He also went on a trip to Jeju Island. He did a little exercise, but he played again in the middle (laughs). He worked out after a long time, so it was really hard. (Kim) Jin-hee (retired) I worked out at the training center where her older sister is, and it’s a really tough place. She plans to exercise while on vacation,” she said recently.

Samsung Life plans to convene players on April 28 to conduct a simple test. Athletes who pass the test will receive two more weeks of vacation. Kang Yoo-rim said, “Of course I want to take more vacations. Time flies too fast. I will prepare well and get a vacation,” she laughed.

Kang Yu-rim played in all games last season and digested an average of 34 minutes and 3 seconds. This is a record that corresponds to the 5th place in the season playing time. Regarding this, he said, “It was difficult. Still, he was worried that he would be replaced if he failed the season before, and he played more nervously if he made a mistake. He played happily last season without worrying about that, and it gave him a sense of security,” he said.

Last offseason Kang Yoo-rim went to the gym early in the morning and focused on training by shooting 500 shots each. As a result, he has grown in all parts compared to the 2021-2022 season. Even when he only looked at scoring, his averaging went from 7.9 to 12.8, a huge jump. The word that modifies Kang Yoo-rim for his outstanding performance from the beginning of the season was ‘storm growth’. The MIP was also Kang Yoo-rim’s.

When asked if he plans to shoot 500 shots at dawn in the upcoming offseason as well, he said, “I have to. He can’t shine for just one season. Thinking about doing it again makes me dizzy (laughs). I plan to increase the weight, and I plan to train so that I can smoothly finish the movement after breaking through. After breaking through last season, his accuracy dropped when finishing. I want to supplement,” he said, revealing his training plan.

Last season, Samsung Life Insurance was unable to play due to an injury to Yoon Ye-bin, the key player before the season, and Kiana Smith and Lee Ju-yeon were also injured at the end of December, so they were not at their full potential. In the coming season, everyone can come back healthy and play the season. All injured players are focusing on rehabilitation.

Kang Yoo-rim said,먹튀검증 “I think we can do it together in the coming season. Hopeful. When the kids come in, I can do it more comfortably and I think it will be fun. It is expected. Of course, the goal is to win,” he said with a smile.

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