Carrot’s ‘humiliation’… Wrote two pro basketball disgrace records

Goyang Carrot left dishonorable records in the history of professional basketball. It was a more regrettable ‘humiliation’ in that the stage was none other than the semifinal playoff (PO), and that there were not a few Carrot fans even though it was an away game.

Carrot, led by coach Kim Seung-gi, suffered a 43-99, 56-point loss in the first leg of the 2022-23 professional basketball quarterfinal playoff (PO) against Anyang KGC held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 13th.

Carrot was consistently lethargic to the extent that the difference in the highest score by quarter widened from 21 points in the first quarter to 27 points in the second quarter, 48 points in the third quarter, and 57 points in the fourth quarter.

Even considering the fact that the physical burden was inevitably high due to the previous 6 POs until the 5th game, concentration was greatly reduced throughout the game, and it was obviously regrettable that the game seemed to be abandoned early.

Carrot tried to close the gap with his 3-point shot, but as time went on, he got closer to overdoing it. In the process, even airballs appeared one after another.

On this day, Carrot attempted a whopping 50 3-pointers, which was the most attempted in PO history. Of these, only 7 (14%) were successful.

In addition, Carrot struggled with offense throughout the game, making only 13 two-pointers. Even in rebounding, 26-51, it was greatly pushed even in the height fight to the extent that the difference was close to twice. It was a total mess.

Carrot, who was helpless throughout, eventually left humiliating records in the history of professional basketball.

The 56-point loss to KGC on this day is the largest score difference ever in professional basketball, including PO and regular leagues.

The previous largest PO score difference was 45 points when Incheon Etland (currently Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) won a 112-67 victory over Jeonju KCC at the time of the 2020-2021 season semifinal PO.

In addition, the highest point difference in the regular league was 54 points when Etland won Seoul Samsung 100-46 in the 2014-15 season.스포츠토토 On this day, Carrot remained as a team that lost by the largest score difference in professional basketball history throughout the semifinal PO and the regular league.

In addition, it also wrote a stigma as a team that only scored the fewest points in the history of PO, as it only scored 43 points that day. It was a more painful result in that PO is the stage to determine the true champion after going through the regular league.

The previous PO minimum score was 50 points, which were recorded by Ulsan Mobis and Samsung in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Carrot held a record that had not been broken for 10 years with disgrace.

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