‘Joint for 5th place’ Director Kim Sang-joon “You have to go all the way to know”

Sungkyunkwan University tied for fifth place.

Sungkyunkwan University won 70-60 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Kyunghee University held at Suseonggwan, Sungkyunkwan University Natural Science Campus on the 8th.

With this victory,안전놀이터 Sungkyunkwan University recorded a season record of 6 wins and 6 losses, moving up to 5th place. It is a meaningful victory in a situation where the fight for the playoff ticket is being fiercely developed.

Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon said, “We now have two games left against Myongji University and Hanyang University. The two teams are also similar in style to Kyunghee University today. In the end, it will be important which side takes their own tempo and plays the game in the future. Opponent It is a situation where there is no answer if you are shaken by the tempo,” he said about the ranking competition situation.

Sungkyunkwan University’s Kang Seong-wook and Kim Yun-seong were selected for the national team and are currently out of power.

Coach Kim said, “Even though Seong-wook and Yoon-seong were freshmen, they became the main pillars, and as the main pillars were missing, it was unexpectedly revealed that the seniors’ dependence on these friends increased.” They are players who have not played, so the organization is not good right now.”

On this day, Sungkyunkwan University took the initiative by causing Kyunghee University to make mistakes through strong press defense in the third quarter.

However, coach Kim was not very satisfied with the current press defense organization.

Coach Kim said, “Compared to last year, this year’s press defense organization is surprisingly poor.” “In the front court, last year’s defense was much better. I think it’s because the first graders’ defense skills are not as good as the seniors.” .

Manager Kim said, “Now, the remaining two games are all important games. It may go to a situation where it is a goal difference or winner-and-win. .

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