‘Foreign pitchers are coming’… Why is Hanwha’s foreign hitter recruitment delayed?

 The Hanwha Eagles are looking for a new foreign hitter, but the situation is not good.

Hanwha announced the release of foreign hitter Brian O’Grady on the 31st of last month.

He signed a contract for a total of $900,000 ($700,000 in annual salary and $200,000 in incentives), but it was too sluggish. In the end,메이저사이트 I packed my things two months after the opening.

O’Gredi had a batting average of 0.125 (10 hits in 80 at-bats), 8 RBIs and 3 runs in 22 games this season. Long hits and power did not live up to expectations. He showed off his slugging power by hitting 15 homers in the Japanese professional baseball last year, but he never tasted it in the KBO league. Of the 10 foreign batters, O’Grady was the only one who failed to hit a home run.

In the end, Hanwha chose to break up.

Ten days have passed since then, but there is hardly any news of a new foreign hitter. In the meantime, KT brought in William Cuevas, who had been active for 4 seasons until last year, instead of Bo Schulser, and Doosan is about to release Dylan File and re-recruit Brandon Waddell.

As such, there is no news from foreign pitchers except for Hanwha’s foreign batters, who are coming one by one.

Coach Won-ho Choi met with reporters ahead of the game against LG on the 9th and sighed, “It is difficult to find a foreign hitter when looking at the market.”

It’s not letting go of his hand. He keeps making offers, such as putting in an identity inquiry, but there is no response.

Director Choi said, “Five or six candidates have been left out of the list. Two have been called up to the majors. In addition, negotiations are not being held for various reasons, such as the inability to negotiate with the club, the option to guarantee a minor contract, and family opposition. As a result, time continues to pass. It’s getting longer,” he said.

It will take time, but we still need a player to add strength to Hanwha’s batting line in the second half.

In response to the question, “What type of foreign hitter do you prefer?” coach Choi said, “Of course, a player who is good at long hits is the best. I know how to hit well and bring them in, but I can’t rule out the possibility of failure.” If you don’t have a main force, it’s ambiguous. There’s nowhere to use it. I like styles like Park Gun-woo or Son Ah-seop. They have contact skills, and even if they hit a tick, they can become a mid-range hitter when they come to Korea. At the same time, if they have a main force and are defensive, they can come up with strategies.” said.

There are two ways. Coach Choi explained, “I think we should either look at the type of player or select an older player with good stats. Which team would like to give a young player with good stats? I will discuss with the front desk and select them.”

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