It’s Wednesday, and the outfield is full… 1st place big match, 30,000 spectators for two days, ‘super hit’ 

Despite the fact that it was a night game on a weekday, Incheon Stadium was crowded for two consecutive days. This is the power of a ‘big match’.

The match between SSG Landers and LG Twins was held on the 24th at SSG Landers Field in Incheon. It was a clash between the 1st and 2nd place teams. The content of the game was tense from start to finish. In the bottom of the first inning, SSG Park Seong-han took the lead with a preemptive home run, and in the top of the second inning, LG’s big gun prospect Lee Jae-won set a counter fire with a two-run home run in pursuit. Afterwards, both teams engaged in a battle of spears and shields in which no one backed down easily until the end. SSG ended up winning 5-3 after a difficult game, blocking each other’s scoring chances and blocking them again.

It was the scenery of Incheon Stadium that felt the heat outside the ground more than the content of the game. The match started at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, a weekday, but a whopping 16,829 spectators gathered.

Nearly twice as many seats were occupied than usual. Usually, during night games on weekdays, spectators gather around the infield cheering seats. There are a lot of empty seats in the outfield, and there is plenty of room. However, on this day, quite a lot of seats were sold, regardless of the outfield lawn seats and general seats. Quite a few fans sat in the outfield and cheered. Considering that the sold-out standard for Incheon Stadium is 23,000 seats, it is a great success.

It was as good as the game held on Tuesday, the day before. The match between LG and SSG on the 23rd attracted 12,508 spectators. Usually, even if only 10,000 people gather for a weekday night game, it is evaluated as a box office hit. Since the two teams drew close to 30,000 spectators over two days, it would not be wrong to describe it as a ‘big hit’. Not only the crowd cheering for the home team, SSG, but also the crowd cheering for the away team, LG, stood out.메이저사이트

It is the effect of ’emerging rivals’. SSG and LG have formed a rivalry at the top of the league table since last year. Last year, SSG succeeded in winning the Korean Series after winning the regular season, and LG finished the regular season in second place, but unfortunately failed to advance to the Korean Series.

The two teams are building a Yanggang system this year as well. In a situation where three teams, including the Lotte Giants, are competing for the lead, this Incheon’s three-game series drew a lot of attention as the ‘1st place derby’. Until the day before the three-game series, the two teams were tied for first place. On the 23rd, the first day, LG won a complete 9-1 victory, and LG pushed away SSG and rose to the top spot alone. LG’s 5-game winning streak has recently stopped.

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