Is there a solution to Lotte’s 1 win and 8 losses when it meets a left-handed starter? Attention switch hitter transfer students

Lotte is cruising to 3rd place in the league with 23 wins and 15 losses this year, but there is one regrettable thing. If you meet a left-handed starting pitcher, your win rate drops sharply.

Strangely, he lowers his tail whenever he meets a left-handed starting pitcher. Lotte’s record against left-handed starting pitchers is only 1 win and 8 losses. Even in the match against Sajik NC on the 24th, Lotte failed to properly capture the pitch of left-handed starter Choi Seong-young and knelt 1-3. On the other hand, Choi Seong-young pitched well with 1 run in 5 innings and won his first starter win of the season.

Is there really no solution? Lotte manager Larry Sutton is well aware of this fact. On the 25th, ahead of the resignation NC game, Lotte is struggling against a uniquely left-handed starter, Sutton said, “I think it is certain that adjustments are needed in batting. We are talking a lot,” continuing efforts to find a breakthrough. said

Coach Sutton continued, “But last year we showed a good performance against left-handed pitchers, and there are injured players on the team now. Also, the batting cycle overall is declining. I am not very worried, but we are discussing that part. there is,” he said.

Currently, Lotte’s team batting average is .253, ranking 7th in the league. The reason for the low ranking can also be found in the batting average against left-handed pitchers. Lotte’s batting average against left-handed pitchers is .219, which is at the bottom of the league. A solution is urgently needed.

Attention is focusing on whether Lotte’s recently recruited switch hitter Kook Hae-seong will be able to become the vanguard of the ‘throw away left-hander’. On the 24th, Lotte tried to make a breakthrough by appointing Kook Hae-seong as the designated hitter number 6, but Kuk Hae-seong was unable to produce a hit with no hits and one walk in 3 at-bats. In the bottom of the first inning, with two outs and bases loaded, he threw a large outfield ball, but the ball went into the glove of center fielder Jason Martin.

Sutton said, 메이저사이트 “If the ball hit in the first at-bat had been missed, the result of the game could have been different.” Coach Sutton said, “Yesterday (24th), he showed good form in all at-bats and showed a mature approach. He paid attention to the process rather than the result. Coach Sutton also said that if he meets a left-handed starting pitcher in the future, the possibility of sending Kuk Hae-seong as a starter is open. When will Lotte be free from the fear of left pitchers?

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