“It’s meaningless to sit next to the driver.” You can get to know this car when you hold the steering wheel.

New humanity-. This is my first impression after test driving the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. The IONIQ 5 N is the first electric vehicle of the high-performance brand ‘ N’ . When condensed into one sentence, it felt like mixing together electric vehicles and internal combustion engines that seemed as incompatible as oil and water. I met the IONIQ 5 N in the middle of last month at the HMG

Driving Experience Center in Taean, South Chungcheong Province . Before discussing performance, it is a ‘good’ just looking at the cost-effectiveness. It has a maximum output of 650 horsepower and a starting price of 76 million won. If you look at just two things: output and price, it feels like a ‘gift for a car enthusiast’ who loves and enjoys cars. When high-performance and convenience options are added, the car price approaches 80 million won, but most high-performance electric vehicles cost over 100 million won, so it seems relatively cheap. In any case, 100 million won is below the psychological resistance line. It is difficult to make a simple comparison, but the 598 horsepower Audi RS e- tron GT costs over 200 million won. Of course, the interior materials centered on plastic were disappointing. The test drive, which lasted over four hours, consisted of acceleration experiences, gymkhana passing between obstacles, drifting, and track experiences. To conclude, the IONIQ 5 N was a car that you had to drive at least once to understand. At the메이저사이트 Goodwood Festival in England last July, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun said, “You will know when you drive the car yourself,” and “there is no point in sitting next to the driver.”

The most impressive thing was that it boldly abandoned the success equation of existing electric vehicles. N Active Sound, which provides virtual sound, creates a sound similar to a high-performance internal combustion engine or fighter jet engine. It felt like a well-refined virtual sound experienced in ‘ RN22e’, created during the development of the IONIQ 5 N.

The virtual shifting system ‘N e- Shift’ changes the motor rotation speed to bring out the unique shifting feel of an internal combustion engine that was not present in electric vehicles. N e- Shift and ‘N Active Sound’ were elaborately meshed together to create synergy. The virtual shifting sensation created by the motor matched well with the virtual sounds coming from 8 and 2 speakers installed inside and outside the vehicle.

Acceleration and high-speed stability were also excellent. Although the body weight of the IONIQ 5 N reached 2.2 tons, it did not feel heavy. Even when running at the maximum speed of 265 km/h, the tires held the ground stably. Battery thermal management, which is the core of high-performance electric vehicles, was also impressive.

During the test drive, I stepped on the accelerator pedal at a speed of 150 km/h, and the battery temperature on the dashboard fluctuated between 38 and 41 degrees. A Hyundai Motor Company official said, “As a result of running two laps on the German Nürburgring circuit (one lap is 20 km), which tests high-performance cars, the maximum speed was 260 km and the battery temperature was up to 46 degrees.” The battery thermal management system showed great attention to detail, including ‘N Battery Preconditioning’, which preheats or cools the battery to an appropriate temperature just before running on the track, and ‘N Race’, which controls the battery temperature when running on the track. .The direction of IONIQ 5 N is clear. “We will create a new standard for high-performance electric vehicles,” said Park Jun-woo, head of N Brand Management at Hyundai Motor Company. The cumulative global sales of the N brand, which debuted in 2017, exceeded 100,000 units this year. Can the IONIQ 5 N take over the baton? Hyundai Motor Company N is at another starting point.

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