“It’s fun, but it’s really too hot”… Because there was not enough ambulance, I got on ‘SOS’

The 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree held in Buan, North Jeolla Province is turning into a survival experience site due to the heat wave메이저사이트. Nearby hospitals were quickly saturated as patients rushed in. As criticism intensified that it failed to establish appropriate measures to prevent heat-related illnesses despite warnings of a heatwave, the government belatedly began preparing countermeasures.

On the 3rd, the Saemangeum campsite in Buan, North Jeolla Province, had a cauldron heat that made it difficult to breathe as the midday temperature exceeded 35 degrees. Mr. David Canely from Ireland participated in a total of 5 Jamborees, including the Gangwon Jamboree in 1991. He, who came as an international operating agent ( IST ) this year, said, “I brought about 160 children. But the weather is really hot,” he said. “The food was good and the program was good, but the weather was really hot and it was difficult.”

American contestants Dominic Dipice (15) and Giovanna Dia Piche (16), who visited Saemangeum with their mothers, also clapped their tongues at the scorching heat. “There are two people in the tent, but our tent does not have a fan,” Diafiche said. “My friend got heat-related illness and went to the hospital.” Deepichegun also said, “My friend also went to the hospital because of heat illness. Fortunately, things are getting better now,” he said. “The event is fun, but the tight schedule is also difficult.”

The participants did not have enough shade to avoid the sun, so they had to receive the scorching sun all over their bodies. A 119 paramedic said, “Suddenly, too many people collapsed and an emergency was required. A police official said, “Some participants called home while crying, and some scouts were transferred to an external hospital.”

Patients constantly flocked to the Jamboree Hospital, which was prepared within the campground, and even field beds were mobilized. One paramedic said, “Since early in the morning, people with heat-related illnesses have been transferred to the hospital. Reports are coming in non-stop,” he said. One medical staff said, “This is not a hospital, but a medical unit. “There is no system for testing, treatment, and prescription, so it’s a rule of thumb,” he said. “It makes no sense to put patients on standby in such a narrow and hot space.”

An official from the organizing committee said, “I wonder if there were a lot of patients because the participants came from afar and haven’t adapted yet.” At the same time, he insisted, “It is a situation that can happen at any Jamboree held in any country.”

Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min held an emergency on-site countermeasure meeting and ordered support for heat wave reduction facilities and supplies. He also gave urgent orders to deploy additional police and firefighters, install additional air conditioners, increase ambulances, and introduce mobile hospitals. Minister Lee emphasized that “extreme heat waves will continue throughout the Jamboree,” and “we must take thorough measures to ensure that the health of our precious youth is not threatened.”

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