Is the perpetrator of the assault on Kim Tae-woo’s election campaign worker a member of the Democratic Party?… 野 Jin Kyo-hoon’s side “regrettable”

During the by-election campaign for Gangseo-gu mayor메이저사이트 in Seoul, a campaign worker for People Power Party candidate Kim Tae-woo was assaulted. Candidate Kim’s side criticized the attack as “obvious election terrorism,” saying the assailant said at the scene, “We are the Democratic Party.” Jin Kyo-hoon, candidate for the Democratic Party of Korea, also expressed regret over the assault incident.

Previously, on the afternoon of the 30th of last month, A, a woman in her 50s, cursed and swung an umbrella at two campaign workers for candidate Kim who were campaigning at the Bangsin Market intersection in Gangseo-gu, and in the process, a female campaign worker was actually assaulted. It is reported that Ms. A was caught by the police, and the Gangseo Police Station in Seoul booked her without detention.

In response to this, Candidate Kim’s camp issued a statement on the 1st and criticized, “A middle-aged woman who said, ‘We are the Democratic Party’ hit candidate Kim’s campaign workers with an umbrella and assaulted them with her fists,” adding, “This is clear election terrorism.” He continued, “While Candidate Kim is running the election thinking only about the livelihood and redevelopment of Gangseo-gu, actions that interfere with this and destroy democracy must immediately stop.” Candidate Kim’s side also released a video of the assault.

The released on-site video shows Mr. A holding a black long umbrella, approaching a campaign worker holding a sign promoting candidate Kim’s election pledge, and swinging it. Mr. A also appeared to threaten the person filming the video with an umbrella.

Regarding the assault incident, Jeong Chun-saeng, joint campaign chairman of Democratic Party candidate Jin Kyo-hoon’s camp, also said in a comment on the 2nd, “We express our deep regret and offer our condolences to the victim.” Chairman Chung also added, “Violence cannot be tolerated for any reason in elections, the flower of democracy,” and added, “We ask for active cooperation from party members and supporters to ensure that an advanced election culture is established.”

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