A ‘Mochi’ store in ‘Yi Sun-sin Square’?… ‘Japanese color’ controversy

In various places in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, glutinous rice cakes with the Japanese name ‘Mochi’ are sold as souvenirs.

As the number of ‘mochi shops’ increased around Yi Sun-sin Square, the ‘Japanese-style controversy’ also arose.

This is reporter Kang Seo-young.

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In front of Yi Sun-sin Square, the central city of Yeosu.

Behind the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, glutinous rice cake shops displaying the Japanese expression ‘mochi’ in large letters stand out.

Until three years ago, there was only one glutinous rice cake shop here, but as it has become very popular among tourists, similar glutinous rice cake shops selling ‘mochi’ are springing up.

As if it were a specialty product, tourists are holding shopping bags with ‘Mochi’ written on them.

[Lee Jae-myeong/Tourist]
“Even when you go to other tourist destinations, you메이저사이트 go there to eat famous and delicious food…”

However, recently, these stores have been embroiled in a ‘controversy over Japanese culture’.

There is a problem with displaying a Japanese brand in Yi Sun-sin Square, which represents Yeosu’s patriotic spirit.

In addition, the fact that the ‘Mochi shops’ are only about 100 meters away from ‘Jinnamgwan’, a national treasure cultural property and the place where Admiral Yi Sun-sin gave military command, is further spreading the controversy.

[Oh Byeong-jong/Secretary General of Yeosu Yeohae Foundation]
“Yeosu is the sacred place of national salvation. And the center of it is Yi Sun-sin Square. From the perspective of our Yi Sun-sin Foundation, it is a bit unreasonable to have such a large sign full of Japanese terms.”

Citizens are debating.

The position that it does not fit the purpose of Yi Sun-sin Square

[Hwang Eun-ju/Tourist]
“It is a place that fought against Japan, but rather than keeping the original Japanese name of Mochi, they changed the name to glutinous rice cake…” The use of business names

and signs is at the discretion of the business operator and tourists There is also a position to revitalize the local economy by attracting people.

[Kim Gyu-yeon]
“Because it is a private commercial right, individual citizens can express whether it is good or bad.”

Meanwhile, in response to this controversy, Yeosu City stated that there is no basis for legally sanctioning the name ‘Mochi’ unless it is a sensational or violent name.

In the center of Yeosu, a city steeped in the history of patriotic loyalty, signs with Japanese expressions are popping up, sparking controversy surrounding them.

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