“I tried to portray the glorious Old Trafford era!” …the fierce No.7 red dresser

Georgina Rodriguez, famous as superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, wore an intense red dress to the fashion show, drawing attention.

The Sun of the U.K. and As of Spain reported that Georgina appeared at Paris Fashion Week wearing a red dress with Ronaldo’s name and trademark No. 7. In fact, the dress Georgina is wearing is strongly red and has Ronaldo’s name and No. 7 engraved on the front. This can be interpreted as an expression of Manchester United in the English Premier League.  고소득알바

Notably, “The Sun” said, “Georgia walking in a red dress reminds us of Ronaldo’s era in Manchester United. It seems to be sending a message of recollection to Ronaldo. This clearly shows the glorious Old Trafford era from 2003 to 2009, not from 2021 to 2022 when Ronaldo was depressed at Manchester United.”

Ronaldo moved to Manchester United from Sporting in 2003, and quickly became the world’s biggest star. During his six seasons until 2009, he collected a total of nine trophies, including three in the league and one in the UEFA Champions League. He was the top scorer in the league, and the top scorer in the UCL, as well as the Ballon d’Or in 2008. It was a prelude to the Ronaldo era. 

The first era of Manchester United was an honor itself, but the second era of Manchester United was humble. Ronaldo left Juventus in 2021 and returned to Manchester United. Many Manchester United fans expected the return of the Emperor. However, the team failed to display explosive power in the past. In addition, the team had feud with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag, and caused controversy by having an interview in which it shot Manchester United and Ten Hag. 

In the end, Ronaldo left Manchester United. It was actually a release. It was a beautiful farewell. This farewell was a farewell to Europe. Ronaldo wore Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr uniform. Ronaldo’s second era at Manchester United ended in failure. 

Georgia expressed Ronaldo’s first glory. Georgia also drew attention as it attended a fashion show with its two children. The media also stressed that Ronaldo might be happily red after seeing Georgia’s intense red dress.

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