“0.01 second difference from Do-young.” Strong swing, multi-defense, and fast feet… Kia is fascinated by Yoon Do-hyun’s show

KIA Tigers’ third-year infielder Yoon Do-hyun (21) is heating up the spring camp atmosphere with his amazing talent.

Yoon Do-hyun showed off his hot hit again in a practice match against the Lotte Giants at Kincho Baseball Stadium in Okinawa on the 28th. He was Kim Do-young’s rival in Gwangju when he was in high school. He has been rehabilitating due to injuries for two years, ending his obscurity life, which was only one at-bats and 38 at-bats in 11 games in the second division, and making his name known.

At his second at bat against Korean ace Park Se-woong on the day, he pushed a 146-km fastball to launch a superior solo shot. He then hit the closing pitcher Kim Won-joong with a triple to the right-center field in the eighth inning. There were also a straight hit to the first baseman, who failed to garner a hit due to his attempt to go straight to the front of the fielder, and a double play by shortstop with runners on the first and second bases with no outs.

In the game against KT Wiz on the 25th, he had a hot actual reporting ceremony with a hit, a left-handed solo shot, a timely hit, and a double in succession. He says, “I don’t want to put much meaning in the camp in that the pitchers’ pitching is not 100%,” but he is clearly making his eyes happy with competitive hitting. Manager Lee Bum-ho also continues to play with high expectations. 고수익알바

Yoon’s strength is his power swing. The pitch of the ball is different compared to other batters. Of course, the speed of the ball is fast and strong. The key is to strengthen your body through bulk-up and to have good rotational power when swinging. In addition, he has good contact power, which is why his batting average is high. “I only had one home run when I was in high school, but I was confident in my slugging ability. I was told that I have power compared to my body. I also had good contact power,” Yoon explained.

It is not just hitting. Infield defense is also equipped with utility capabilities. When he was at Gwangju Jeil High School, he was the main shortstop. Both second and third basemen can play. On the same day, he played as a second baseman and displayed stable double play. “The most comfortable position is shortstop. I play second and third basemen often. There is nothing uncomfortable at all,” he said with confidence.

Another thing that coach Lee Bum-ho is paying attention to is his main focus. He is also a top-class player in his team, following Kim Do-young. “Swinging and defense are both powerful and fast,” Lee said. “He also has strength in running. He runs in 5.9 seconds in the 50m. I measured him in Australia, and he was only 0.01 second behind Doyoung in the 28m.”

Kia’s infielders are decided to be the main players of first baseman Lee Woo-sung, second baseman Kim Sun-bin, shortstop Park Chan-ho, and third baseman Kim Do-young. Yoon Do-hyun seems to have an upper hand in backup competitiveness for now. He may be able to use all-out positions up to the first baseman in the future. If the hitting continues, it may threaten the position of key players. The 21-year-old young batter with the airlift is predicting a change in the composition of the infield.

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