“I need to lose weight,” TV commentator pointed out, Toronto 16-win ace ‘war of anger’

oronto Blue Jays pitcher Alec Manoa has a ‘war of words’ over his weight.

New York Mets catcher-turned-MLB Network commentator Anthony Recker pointed to a picture of Manoa on a recent TV show, saying, “I love Manoa, but I think he should spend more time in the weight room.” Manoa is about 198 cm tall and weighs 129 kg.

Manoa immediately counterattacked. 안전놀이터 On the 2nd, Manoa posted on his SNS, “Lecker, my job is not to please you. You are an outsider who does not know me or my work ethic. The work I do at the gym is well represented by the numbers. No,” he said angrily.

Manoa has been hot with ‘weight attacks’ before. On September 14 last year, local radio host Matthew Ross, who saw Toronto catcher Alejandro Kirk sprint from first base to home, said, “He’s a shame to play sports. I don’t want to see him because he’s fat.” The real shame is that Matthew Ross, a guy who has never played in the major leagues, is spreading prejudice.”

Wrecker’s comments backfired because of the skills Manoa showed last year. Last year, Manoa started 31 games and recorded a record of 16-7 with an ERA of 2.24, and was honored with the first All-Star selection in his debut. He even finished third in Cy Young Award voting after the season and was also voted to the MLB First Team.

Marcus Stroman (Chicago Cubs) started shooting support for Manoa. Manoa’s former teammate Strowman wrote on social media: “You’re such a fool. You should shut up and stop talking about players. Alec Manoa is one of the best pitchers right now. You live on TV because you’re the worst. is talking about it. What you can say on TV about that career is itself a comedy.”

After being criticized, Wrecker apologized. Recker said: “I didn’t mean to spread hatred. What I said about Manoa on TV was not my real feelings or thoughts. I made a mistake. I want to get in touch with Manoa to fix this. I don’t want to make things worse. not,” he said.

Stroman then retorted, “You said you weren’t trying to spread hatred, but you clearly hated and humiliated the best pitcher on the show. You don’t deserve to belittle players. Turn off the TV and go out and find another hobby.” hit back

Manoa also declared war: “You’re poison like everyone else. If you talk and get in trouble, sorry, that’s it. If you want to see how an All-Star, All-MLB First Team, and Cy Young Award finalist trains, come and see me.”

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