Flower Boy New Face’ Kim Young-joon, born in 2000, “It’s a pity that senior Jo Kyu-seong, who was quietly cheering for you, became so famous”

“It’s a pity that senior Cho Gyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai) became so famous. As a fan, he was the only player I wanted to know…”

said Kim Yeong-joon (23), who was born in 2000 and is a ‘new face of Daegu FC’ and ‘a passionate fan of Jo Kyu-seong’. 

Early last month, Daegu recruited 안전놀이터 a new striker. It was in the K4 League. Kim Young-joon, who has built his career step by step, is quickly integrating into Daegu. From January 2nd to February 3rd, he scored 6 goals, the most in the team, in a practice game held in Daegu’s first field training in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

Daegu played a total of 10 games and finished the Namhae field training with 10 wins.,From the coming 4th, we will move to Kagoshima, Japan, and start the 2nd field training.Kim Young-jun, whom I recently met, pledged, “I want to continue the momentum in Japan.”

Kim Young-joon is the main character of the ‘success myth.’ He entered K League 1 through K4 and K3 and Daegu.

Kim Young-jun, a native of Maetan Middle School and Maetang High School, once had a hard time with an injury, but in 2021 K4 League Pocheon Citizen Soccer Team Starting with joining the team, he began to build his career step by step.In the first year of joining, he scored 11 points and contributed to the team’s promotion to the K3 League, followed by the 2021 K4 League Young Player Award.In

2022, he played 28 K3 League games. , scoring 12 points and boasting steady skills, Kim Young-joon caught the eye of Daegu and succeeded in entering the K-League 1.

There is a ‘K League star’ that Kim Young-joon wants to meet. It is Cho Kyu-seong, who was the ‘scorer’ last season and scored multiple goals in the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage match against Ghana.

Cho Kyu-sung, who digested the Qatar World Cup, rose to stardom. Transition to Ghana changed his life. Many European clubs wanted Cho Kyu-sung. In addition, the number of followers on social media accounts soared from 20,000 to 2.87 million.

Kim Young-joon said, “Before the World Cup, even before Cho Kyu-sung became famous, I was a big fan. However, he has become so unapproachably famous these days. He’s honestly, personally, not good at being famous. He was a player that only he wanted to know,” he said shyly.

Why are you a fan of Cho Kyu-sung? Kim Young-joon said, “I know you changed positions once. In the process, he seemed to know how hard he must have worked and how hard he must have been, so he came to support me. He is still a fan even now,” he said forcefully.

Kim Yeongjun is emerging as a ‘flower boy new face’. He shook his head, saying “I’m never good-looking,” and stressed again and again, “I can never follow senior Cho Kyu-sung.”

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