“I can’t even eat Samgyetang on the day of the dog like this”… The government has introduced an unprecedented subsidy

It is highly likely that large-scale subsidies in the form of compensation체스카지노 for losses will be provided next month to farmhouses damaged by the recent torrential rains.It was reported on the 21st that the government plans to announce measures against heavy rains in the agricultural sector to support farmers affected by torrential rains at the end of this month at the earliest. The contents of the countermeasures are determined through consultation with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The countermeasures will be divided into short-term measures to respond to immediate damage and mid- to long-term measures.The government is said to be reviewing a plan to provide subsidies in the form of compensation for losses to each affected farm as one of its support measures. This is a measure based on the judgment that it is difficult to restore livestock, crops, and facilities with only the existing disaster recovery expenses as the damage caused by the torrential rain is great.The subsidy is expected to be used not only for basic restoration of farmhouses, but also for livestock carcass disposal costs, agricultural waste treatment costs, and facility renovation. In particular, if support for livestock carcass disposal costs is expanded, the burden on affected farms will be greatly reduced. In general, if a cow or pig carcass occurs, it is difficult for the farm to process it on its own, so it is entrusted to a specialized company, which costs close to 200,000 won per animal. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 4,300 pigs and 400 cows died from the 10th to the previous day.The government is working hard to respond to damage caused by torrential rains every day. Following President Yoon’s recent visit to damaged farmhouses and announcing that “the government will support restoration no matter how much money it costs,” Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Minister of Strategy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho emphasized that day, “We will focus all our policy capabilities, including fiscal, tax, and financial, on support for heavy rain damage and rapid restoration.”Price stabilization measures are also implemented for items whose price instability has increased as supply has decreased due to flood damage. For lettuce, spinach, sesame leaves and chicken, up to 30% discount is supported until supply and demand anxiety is resolved. In the case of chicken, a quota of 30,000 tons will be fully introduced within the next month. 5 million eggs are imported and loans of 80 billion won are provided for the stocking of chicks.

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