Hwang Hee-chan’s competitor? It’s a little shabby… 2 goals for the season at Chelsea ‘Still Wolves’ eyes.’

Wolverhampton Wanderers plan to sign Chelsea prospect Armando Broja to transfuse frontline strikers.

British Tribal Football reported on the 18th (Korea time) that “Wolverhampton is planning to bid for Chelsea striker Broja. Wolverhampton, who sent Fabio Silva and Sasha Kalajić on loan, should fill the vacancy.”

Albanian striker Broja is a local boy who has grown up in Chelsea’s youth team since 2009 and made his debut in the first team. However, he has not been very good at Chelsea. He left for Vitesse in the Netherlands on loan when he was a prospect, and was loaned to Southampton in the 2021-22 season.

Broja, who showed some competitiveness with 10 goals in 30 league games at Vitesse and 6 goals in 32 league games at Southampton, returned to Chelsea last season and played in 12 league games but scored only one goal.

This season, he missed the initial schedule due to the aftermath of his anterior cruciate ligament injury in December 2022. Broja, who returned after about nine months, usually plays as a substitute in the second half, so although he had less time to play, he has a poor record of one goal in 13 games 마카오카지노.

Chelsea is also preparing to say good-bye to Broja. “Chelsea will be happy to release Broja permanently if the offer is appropriate,” David Onstein, a reporter for The Athletic, a global sports media outlet, said on his social network service on Wednesday. “Many clubs including Fulham, West Ham United and Wolverhampton are showing interest in Broja.”

“Chelsea will not sign a substitute. It is expected that Christopher Nkunku will return soon,” he said, explaining that he is willing to give up Broya without recruiting a substitute.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino wanted to keep Broja at bay. When Broja scored in the FA Cup match against Preston, he complimented Broja by saying, “That was a really important goal for him,” adding, “You have to play this type of game to keep scoring and improving. Your body rhythm improves as well as your physical strength. You have to move forward and move. You have to be a little more positive.”

He added, “It has amazing potential. We are talking about a young striker with the greatest potential not only in England but also in Europe. The problem is that Broja has to push herself. It will help you realize that doing it now is not enough. It has been almost a year since you were injured, and you still need time. It will not be easy to reach the level we expect and achieve results, but we have a lot of expectations and believe in it. I will encourage you to improve.”

Despite Pochettino’s support, it is time to say goodbye. Chelsea, which spent a whopping 1 billion pounds (462.9 billion won) in three transfer markets last summer, is in urgent need of player sales to comply with FFF regulations.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton has begun to show interest in recruiting Broja. In this winter’s transfer market, Fabio Silva was sent to Scotland’s Rangers and Sasha to Eintracht Frankfurt on loan, which requires reinforcement of the strikers.

In particular, Hwang Hee-chan, who scored 12 league goals during the first half of the year and played a key striker, is away from the team due to his participation in the Asian Cup, so he needs to find a striker to replace Hwang Hee-chan. Chelsea is also in a position to earn money from the transfer fee by selling Broya.

The Guardian reported that Wolverhampton is considering recruiting Broya. Broya is a former Chelsea academy player, and if he sells his team’s youth players, the total amount will be converted into net income, lowering the possibility of violating the FFF regulations.

“West Ham also want Broja as a long-time follower of Broja. Wolverhampton also put Broja on the list of recruits. In particular, Wolverhampton manager Gary O’Neill is showing sincerity in strengthening his striker by looking into West Ham’s loan to Danny Ings,” he said. “Many Premier League clubs remember Broja’s time at Southampton and are eyeing his potential,” adding that Broja is still an attractive sale for mid- to low-ranking teams.

As Broya is the top resource, it is expected to create a competitive structure with Hwang Hee-chan, who played in the front line during the first half of the year. Of course, Hwang Hee-chan is likely to be the main player because Hwang Hee-chan was the best player in the team, but attention is being paid to whether Broya, who has a big physique, will be able to create another competitive structure with his strengths.

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