Coach Moriyasu, who is not concerned about criticism of the Vietnam War, said, “I’m not going to be happy and happy.”

Despite criticism from outside over his tough days in the match against Vietnam, Japanese national soccer team coach Hajime Moriyasu vowed not to be inconsistent with each other. He only wants to win the upcoming match against Iraq and move forward.

Japan, led by Moriyasu, is set to play 헤라카지노도메인 against Iraq in the second round of the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup Group D, which is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. at Education City Stadium today (19th). Coach Moriyasu, who attended a pre-press conference for the match on the 18th, was asked about his sweat on his opponent in the first round match against Vietnam, which won 4-2, and he calmly responded to it.

According to a number of Japanese media, including the Soccer King, Moriyasu responded to the reaction after the Vietnam match, saying, “It’s no different than usual,” adding, “Of course, I actually looked back on the game, but I will move on to the next game without being happy or happy. I can show a good performance as a team based on my reflection on the Vietnam match.” He then said, “I understand there are criticisms about the loss situation against Vietnam, but if there is praise for any game, there are criticisms.”

Meanwhile, Moriyasu said Tomiyasu Takehiro, who was unable to play in the match against Vietnam due to an injury, returned to training ahead of the upcoming match against Iraq. “He can play in the match against Iraq,” Moriyasu said.

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