“Here we go! Kim Min-jae is not going anywhere” … Inter? Manchester United? No way to send a player less than a year ago → Tuchel has no authority → The next coach will decide “Munich is very satisfied with KIM’s commitment.”

Rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga are heating up.  Ahead of this season, Kim left Serie A Napoli in Italy and moved to Bayern Munich. He won Serie A title and entered Bayern Munich with the honor of defending champion. He got off to a good start. As soon as he moved to Bayern Munich, he became a key defender. Kim was at the center of Bayern Munich’s defense team to the extent that there was even a controversy over excessive labor.  However, the atmosphere changed rapidly when Eric Dier joined Bayern Munich in the transfer market last winter. Dier immediately became the main player, and Kim Min-jae was pushed to the bench. After Kim Min-jae went through a hard time in Bayern Munich, rumors of a transfer began to emerge.  Rumors have it that he will move to Manchester United in England, and that he will move to Inter Milan in Italy. However, it is only a rumor and there is no substance to it. Fabrizio Romano, a European transfer market expert who is famous for “Here we go,” was so sure.  Britain’s Caughtoffside exclusively reported Romano’s opinion on Kim’s situation. First, the media outlet added weight to Kim’s stay, saying, “Kim Min-jae joined Bayern Munich from Naples last summer 노래방알바. Therefore, it is too early for Bayern Munich to give up on Kim Min-jae.”  Romano, who was interviewed by the outlet, said, “There are rumors that big names could leave Bayern Munich. I wanted to talk about this. It is speculated that Kim Min-jae faces an uncertain future. However, nothing specific has been decided. Nothing has been decided realistically. Bayern Munich’s important decision will be the new coach. Tuchel’s replacement will be at the core of these issues. And Bayern Munich are very happy with Kim’s commitment.”  Romano argued that Dayo Upamecano was in the same situation as Kim Min-jae. Upamecano also played a key role in the early part of the season along with Kim Min-jae, but was pushed to the bench after Dyer came. Currently, the combination of Bayern Munich’s main center backs is Dyer and Matthijs de Licht. Rumors of a transfer to Upamecano began to emerge.  “As far as I know, there is nothing specific about Upamecano’s future. These issues always have to be planned with the coach, and Bayern Munich have to find the next coach. It is something that needs to be done step by step. There is nothing serious about Upamecano.”

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