Goyang city basketball team, which is said to be close to neglect, how about support for other teams?

It has been confirmed that Goyang City, which is working hard to retain the professional basketball team, is actually receiving less support than other local governments메이저놀이터.

Sono International, the holding company of Daemyung Sono Group, which declared the establishment of professional basketball, is waiting for approval from the KBL board of directors and general meeting on the 21st. On the 14th, Sono submitted a letter of intent and all other documents.

KBL seems likely to accept Sono’s membership in the 10th club if no major problems are found in the pre-screening. If Sono receives approval from KBL, full-scale negotiations will begin.

In addition to Goyang, the home of the expelled Day One, Sono is known to be receiving attention from two cities in the metropolitan area, Busan, and Chungcheong.

Goyang City, which was confident of staying on the basketball team, is embarrassed by the fiercer-than-expected competition to attract local residents. An official from Goyang City explained, “The Goyang Gymnasium’s use fee, which was supported according to the Orion and Day One Sports ordinance, and the half reduction of the 15% admission fee are support measures that can be promised now.”

The basketball team application plan released by Goyang City made the bid even more complicated. This is because, apart from the city of Busan, which promised strong financial support, it turned out to be close to negligence compared to the level of support of the other nine clubs. Sono, which has to spend around 10 billion won a year, including the KBL subscription fee, has no reason to think only of Goyang.

An official from the club, who requested anonymity, said, “If you look at the gym fee, Anyang City (KGC Ginseng Corporation) and Wonju City (DB) can use it for free. Suwon City (KT) also has an 80% reduction, and Jeonju City (KCC) receives 90,000 won a day.”

He added, “The city of Wonju is not only responsible for auxiliary usage fees such as heating and cooling and electricity, but the training subsidy comes separately in cash.”

Of course, Goyang City is also open to the possibility of suggesting a better level of support than the existing one. Lee Dong-hwan, the mayor of Goyang, has recently been working hard enough to directly contact Sono. It is evaluated that if Mayor Lee persuades the Goyang City Council, which will hold an extraordinary session in September, the possibility of attracting a basketball team can increase.

An official from Sono said, “The players want to remain in Goyang, but from a company standpoint, they have no choice but to make a realistic choice. If we get KBL approval on the 21st, we will start negotiations in earnest.”

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