Fans also said, “Why on earth do you have such an option?”… All of them are “flustered” by the news of “extending the contract by one year” with Son Heung-min and Tottenham. → “SON, you have to do as much as you want.”

How will Tottenham continue its relationship with captain Son Heung-min.

England’s The Boy Hospers reported on the 31st (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham will invoke an option that extends to 2026 for star Son Heung-min.”

Initially, it was reported that Tottenham will offer Son a long-term contract renewal. From last winter’s transfer window, British media reported that Tottenham will discuss a new contract with Son this summer. Both the club and players are reportedly preparing to renew the contract, saying, “We are also having informal discussions with Son to confirm his interest.”
England’s Spursweb also said, “Sky Sports reporter Michael Bridge confirmed that the renewal of the contract between Son Heung-min and Tottenham was underway, and the disappointment of the Asian Cup was affected. Tottenham has historically not been inclined to offer players long-term contracts after the age of 30, but is ready to stop this trend to catch Son Heung-min with a new contract,” adding that Tottenham will even change its contract stance to catch Son Heung-min.

However, news broke that the option to extend the contract was suddenly announced after the end of the season. Referring to Tottenham’s plan for the next season, the global sports media The Athletic said, “Son Heung-min is still essential to the team as captain. To keep him at the club until 2026, Tottenham will invoke the option of a one-year contract extension rather than offering to renew the contract.” 유흥알바

Tottenham’s decision is also a shock to Tottenham fans. Some Tottenham fans responded that considering Son Heung-min’s position at the time of renewal, it made no sense for Tottenham to have such an option.

One fan left a question to reporter Paul O’Keeffe, who is well-versed in Tottenham’s news, on his social media, asking, “Do you activate Son Heung-min’s contract extension option?” to which reporter Paul O’Keeffe replied, “I will.” Then, the fan said, “It is very surprising that Tottenham gave him such an option considering the situation at the time of his renewal,” and could not hide his surprise that Tottenham and Son Heung-min had an option to extend their contract for one year.

Considering that Son Heung-min at the time of the summer of 2021 had a record of 10 goals and 10 assists with 17 goals and 10 assists in the previous season alone, it is surprising that Tottenham handed over the option of extension.

Tottenham’s fan community also stressed that Tottenham should treat him properly, saying, “It’s right for Son to spend as long as he wants because he’s a fan’s favorite club legend and superstar.”

Tottenham may plan to continue its tug-of-war with Son Heung-min for a little longer through the option of extending the contract. There was already a prediction in March that it could be such a plan.

“Tottenham is facing a dilemma over star player contract,” the British EPL Index said at the time of the negotiations over the renewal of contract between Son and Tottenham. Son’s future looks in jeopardy. Saudi Arabia is making alluring suggestions. Son is a testament to their agile scouting ability before becoming a symbol of Tottenham. It is amazing that he has grown into a club legend. Despite his loyalty and achievements, signing him is an urgent task. As 2025 is coming up, Tottenham is facing a difficult dilemma whether to sign Son for the future or prepare for a transfer.”

“Saudi Arabia has not only Son Heung-min but also Casemiro, Kevin De Bruyne, and Mohamed Salah on the list. Son Heung-min is facing unprecedented temptation from Saudi Arabia. After all, negotiations are similar to a complicated game of chess. Levi’s decision will be put to the test, navigating between the high transfer fee and the fans’ expectations. Levi’s position that he will not give in to Saudi Arabia’s bid is both a gamble and a deliberate statement. After all, this shadow of danger reflects how he felt about the transfer of Harry Kane. Son is more than just a contract negotiation. It is about the club’s legacy, loyalty, and trajectory towards the future. Their choice will go down in the hearts and history of the fans, he said, predicting that while he will certainly sign the deal, it will be a sharp dialogue like complicated chess.

Son Heung-min has been determined to stay with Tottenham consistently, so it is highly likely that he wanted Tottenham to renew his contract for a long time. In this situation, it is certainly regrettable to invoke the option of extending the contract.

Son Heung-min, who has already set several milestone records this season, including 400 games for Tottenham and 120 goals for Tottenham’s EPL, has a number of additional records that can be set if he remains with Tottenham next season or beyond. It is enough to exceed the club’s record of 174 goals for Tottenham by Martin Chivers, the club’s fourth-highest scorer in history, and it is possible to expect the 100th help of the EPL’s career in the next season. In addition, Tottenham’s option to extend one year may be a little worrisome as it is a burden on the remaining time from the standpoint of setting a milestone.

Tottenham’s choice this summer for Son Heung-min, who has become Tottenham’s “living legend,” was to extend his contract by one year, not a long-term contract. It is also expected that Tottenham will continue to draw attention to whether it will offer a proper renewal proposal to Son Heung-min, who has established himself as a symbol of the club.

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