“Why do you bring players to the corner…” Why Yeom Ga-ryang publicly announced the replacement of foreigners despite opposition to the club

It is interesting. Foreign pitchers of the LG Twins suddenly started throwing well after manager Yeom Kyung-yeop’s replacement remarks.

Ahead of the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 22nd, manager Yeom said, “I think one of the two needs to change. Foreigners, who account for 40% of the team’s power, are not good, so we are trying to save them somehow, but I think we need to prepare for the replacement of one person for now,” adding, “It’s what we have to do to save them somehow. In the end, we asked the club to find out one person as soon as possible because foreign pitchers have to show us the results and we have to prepare for it.”

When Yeom made his remarks, N.S. had four wins and two losses and an ERA of 5.37 in 10 games, while Kelly had one win and six losses and an ERA of 5.72 in 10 games. In particular, he was good in the first five games, but in the next five games, N.S. had one win and two losses and an ERA of 7.50, and Kelly had four losses and an ERA of 8.77 without a win.
After Yeom’s remarks, a surprising thing is happening in which both players are revived. Kelly became the winning pitcher by allowing five hits and three runs in six innings in the game against NC in Jamsil on Wednesday, and posted quality start for two consecutive games by allowing four hits and two runs (non-earning) in six innings against Doosan in Jamsil on Sunday.

On the 22nd, the day manager Nsido Yeom said, he was sluggish with eight hits and four runs (three earned) in four ⅓, but he became a winning pitcher against SSG in Incheon on May 28 with four hits and nine strikeouts and two runs in six innings.

Yeom expressed his desperation when he publicly commented on the replacement of foreign pitchers prior to the game against Doosan Bears on Wednesday. That was the last card he could use for N.S. and Kelly.

“I thought it was the last card I had and told the media to stage a competition,” Yeom said. “I think I should do everything I can. Even so, if players come alive, it will be good for themselves and for us.” 밤알바

Back then, the front desk strongly objected to making the disclosure public. “I had a lot of discussions with the public relations team leader over whether to make the disclosure public,” Yeom said. “I asked them to lower the level because they were cornering the players too much.” Nevertheless, Yeom said, “That was one of my strategies. I had to give him a final impetus. I think I should mobilize everything I can.”

“I hoped that the players would get better through the stimulus. There is no reason for me to kill the player that I should use. I wanted to save our players no matter what the situation is,” Yeom said. “Both of them are doing well right now. This will inevitably raise the level of replacement pitchers that will be brought from the U.S.,” he said of the effect of his public remarks.

As a starter on the day, N.S. had only two hits including a solo home run during six innings against Doosan, and showed good pitching by striking out three and striking out six and allowing one run, securing his sixth win (two losses) of this season. It was his second consecutive quality start.

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