“Even if you pay interest, I’ll get it right”… Sanggye-dong landlords who are struggling

“Most of the items for urgent sale went out even before the pre-inspection in May. Now, it can be said that there is almost no urgent rent. 59㎡ for exclusive use rose to 400 million won, and 84㎡ for exclusive use to 500 million won. (Representative of Sanggye-dong A Certified Broker)

Move-in started at the end of last month at ‘Nowon Lotte Castle Signature’ in Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul (1163 households). Usually, in the beginning메이저사이트 of the move-in, the ‘entry area’ where charter transactions are active is unfolded in large buildings, but the atmosphere is cold. This is because urgent charter items were missing before and after the pre-inspection, and the charter price of the remaining items rose rapidly.

According to a real estate agency in Sanggye-dong on the 11th and Naver Real Estate, it is estimated that around 150 chartered items are listed in ‘Nowon Lotte Castle Signature’. About 500 properties are registered on Naver Real Estate, but the local authorized brokerage explains that considering duplicate listings, it will be between 100 and 200. The rental price jumped by 50 million to 100

million won in two months . According to a real estate agency, the 59㎡ exclusive for this complex is between 430 million and 450 million won, and a contract came out in the latter half of 300 million won last May alone. The exclusive 84㎡ was traded in the latter half of 400 million won, but as the sudden tax fell, there are now listings at 500 million to 600 million won.

A certified brokerage official in Sanggye-dong said, “There are cases where tenants who lived nearby made contracts at low prices without even looking at the house before pre-inspection.”

A certified brokerage official in Sanggye-dong B also said, “Currently, it is really difficult to find items for 59㎡ for 300 million won and for exclusive use for 84㎡ for 400 million won.” “he hinted.

The occupancy period for this complex is rather relaxed, until the coming September. Usually, the closer the move-in deadline approaches, the more low-price jeonse items come out. After the occupancy period, the landlord has to pay interest on the delay. However, the reason why low-priced products do not come out is that landlords have more ability to endure as interest rates drop.

A certified brokerage official in Sanggye-dong C said, “I knew that the level of overdue interest was 7-10% just a few months ago.” This is because once the charter is released, you have to wait for four years.”

A nearby D-certified brokerage official also said, “When I talked to the landlords, they had little intention of lowering the price.” “Among these complexes, the place with a view of Mt. won’t come,” he said.However, there are realtors who believe that the situation may change again as the occupancy deadline approaches. An official from Sanggye-dong E certified brokerage said, “I think the landlords are holding out because there are still two months left.” If it is urgent or not, it would be better for end users to wait and see.”On the other hand, since contracts are rare due to the recently increased rental price in Nowon Lotte Castle Signature Complex, the rental price in Nowon-gu is statistically weak. It is also due to the decrease in the rental price of nearby apartments due to the contracts of low-priced properties.According to the weekly apartment price trends of the Korea Real Estate Agency, the rental price in Nowon-gu fell 0.04% as of the first week (3rd) of this month. Since the first week of last month (the 5th), it has fallen for 5 consecutive weeks. The Northeast Jeonse Supply and Demand Index, to which Nowon-gu belongs, recorded 87.3 as of the first week of this month. It has recovered by more than 20 points from 6.1 at the beginning of the year, but is still below the baseline of 100. Below the baseline of 100 means that there are more landlords who put out their homes than renters who are looking for a home.

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