“Devil Agent” Boras’s Waiting Strategy… Will Ryu Hyun-jin Be A Big Hit Again

Scott Boras (72), the agent of “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (37), is leading Boras Corporation, the largest baseball organization in the U.S. professional sports market. He is called the “Devil’s Agent” because he has been raising the ransom of his players to an astronomical level through negotiations against the backdrop of a large organization. However, three weeks before the Major League Baseball (MLB) spring camp in the U.S., no news of the contract between Ryu Hyun-jin and the so-called “Boras Division” has been heard.

USA Today said on the 30th, “Free Agent (FA) fielders J.D. Martinez and Cody Bellinger have not yet received a single official offer,” adding, “Pitcher Blake Snell wants a nine-year, $270 million contract, but the only official offer he received from the New York Yankees was a six-year, 150 million dollar offer so far.” 마카오카지노

Martinez, Bellinger, and Snell are all clients of Boras Corporation along with Ryu. In general, considering that most free agent contracts were signed in December, it is time to feel impatient, but Boras has not made any notable move yet. He just asked his clients’ players to be in good shape as usual. In response, Ryu is currently training with Hanwha Eagles pitchers including Lee Tae-yang and Jang Min-jae in Okinawa, Japan.

Jim Borden, a sports columnist from the Washington Nationals general manager, mentioned Ryu Hyun-jin along with Snell, Jordan Montgomery and Mike Clevinger on the 25th, saying, “It is still possible to recruit the best FAs.”

Attention is focusing on whether Boras’ strategy, which has been consistent with “waiting” unlike in the past, will break through “jackpot” or “bait.”

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