Compulsory judgment of 60% conformity of Jamboree electrical equipment?… Inspection results notified on the opening day

“They said the Jamboree site started without even passing the electrical safety inspection.”

An unbelievable report came in. It is an international event where 40,000 people gather, so I wondered if it was going to be pushed through like that. However, the data submitted by the Korea Electrical Safety Corporation to the National Assembly confirmed that the hard-to-believe information was true.

Looking at the ‘Status of Jamboree Camp Facility Safety Inspection’ submitted by the Office of Representative Lee Jae-jeong of the Democratic Party of Korea from the Electrical Safety Corporation, only 198 of the total 343 electrical facilities were judged to be suitable as of July 31, the day before the opening ceremony . 58% of the total, less than 6 out of 10. There are 58 non-conforming safety sites and 87 non-construction sites . The Jamboree was enforced with 42% of the electrical installations failing to pass the safety diagnosis.

Looking at the reason for the safety non-conformity judgment,메이저사이트 the most common was a short circuit in the toilet and shower room. There were also places where the wiring was exposed or the earth leakage breaker was not installed at all. According to a member of the Jamboree interviewed by KBS, “It looked dangerous because the wires were exposed in the shower room. After looking a little closer, I saw that the clothes were peeling off. “

After an electrical safety inspection determined that it was unsuitable, the only measures taken were safety measures such as turning off the power in dangerous places and attaching ‘danger sign stickers’. It was even on the opening day of the Jamboree on the 1st that the Electrical Safety Corporation notified the inspection results to the Organizing Committee .

The Electrical Safety Corporation said, “We notified the organizing committee of the problematic part, and after the opening ceremony, on August 2 and 3, the organizing committee confirmed that the renovation was completed and re-examined .” Although it was only a day or two, in the meantime, about 40,000 Jamboree participants were exposed to safety risks.

The electrical safety inspection was completed, but participants who visited the Jamboree site said that the power situation was always unstable. One volunteer said, “I had to make food, but the electricity was cut off all at once, so I withdrew early.”

Since the Jamboree Campsite was built on reclaimed land, concerns about flooding due to heavy rain in midsummer have been raised. Nevertheless, it is expected that the National Assembly will intensively investigate the fact that an international event was held without even ensuring the safety of electrical equipment. Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jae-jeong, who is in charge of the National Assembly’s Trade, Industry, Energy, and Small and Medium Venture Business Committee, said, “It is shocking that the Jamboree was held in a situation where even the electricity inspection was not completed properly.” I will do it,” he said.

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