Area of ​​ashes ‘three times greater than Yeouido’ due to wildfire in Hawaii… Restoration cost estimated at 7 trillion won

A large-scale forest fire on the Hawaiian island메이저사이트 of Maui continued for the fifth day, and it was found that the area burned over the past four days was about three times that of Yeouido.

According to the Pacific Disaster Center and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency investigations released by Maui County, as of the 11th local time, the burned area in the Lahaina area was estimated at a total of 2,170 acres, approximately 8.78 km2.

In particular, this figure only evaluates the main affected area, Lahaina, on the western coast, and the scale of damage is expected to increase if other places where wildfires are in progress are included.

A total of 2,207 buildings were destroyed or destroyed by fire in Lahaina, of which 86 percent were residential.

The cost of reconstruction was estimated at 5.52 billion dollars, about 7.35 trillion won in our money.

The number of people who lost their homes and evacuated is 4,500, but local media, including those staying at the homes of family and friends, expect the number of victims to exceed 10,000.

The exact number of missing persons was not disclosed, and the number of dead was counted at 80 as of 9:00 pm the previous day.

It was reported that 85% of the fires in the Lahaina region and 80% of the central coast Pulehu and Kihei regions were suppressed, but the risk of re-proliferation remained in some areas.

In western Maui, including Lahaina, power outages and water cuts continue, and residents are struggling.

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