“Coach Kim Tae-hyung is the right person to lead the fall baseball… I’m rooting for Lotte.”

Park Jung-tae, chairman of the Rainbow Hope Foundation, has returned. After four years of hiding, Park will return as a radio commentator for Busan MBC in March to entertain fans watching the 2024 season of KBO League. “I have missed Lotte fans so much,” Park said, expressing his ambition, “I will communicate with the players and fans on the spot and deliver them a lot of news in a humble manner.”

Park Chung-tae, chairman of the board, is scheduled to serve as a radio commentator for MBC in Busan with Yeom Jong-seok, manager of Dongui University of Science, starting in late March when the 2024 season of professional baseball opens. Since the 17th, he has been appearing on baseball-related YouTube and communicating with fans. 헤라카지노도메인 “Thanks to your consideration at Busan MBC, I was able to come back with courage,” Park said in a meeting with reporters from the international newspaper on the 22nd at a cafe in Busan. “First of all, I will visit Lotte’s spring camp facility in Guam, the U.S., meet with players, and support Lotte so that it can perform well.”

Park is a “one club man” who only played for Lotte for 13 years after joining the Lotte Giants in 1991 after receiving the first nomination. Notably, he won the Lotte Giants’ last championship in 1992 and was loved by Lotte fans along with Choi Dong-won. Since then, he has proved his leadership by serving as Lotte second-tier coach and first-tier hitting coach. He also served as a baseball commentator for the 2020 International Newspaper. “It has been about a year and a half since I moved to Busan. Until then, I had been quietly teaching aspiring players in Miryang for about two years,” Park said.

Park expressed high expectations for Lotte’s new head coach Kim Tae-hyung. Park and Kim share one thing in common that they have the ability to dominate the team with their unique charisma. Park is famous for his anecdote that in 1999, when Felix Jose was ordered to leave the team due to friction with the crowd, he declared a boycott of the game and withdrew all of the team’s players.

“I was surprised by Kim Tae-hyung’s leadership when he was the Doosan coach. When I was a player, I didn’t know he had such charisma because he was infinitely gentle and tender,” Park said. “Kim is the right person to lead Lotte’s fall baseball.” “I want to visit Lotte’s spring camp training site and have a lot of conversations with Jeon Joon-woo, who signed an FA contract as well as Kim,” Park said.

Park is considered the best second baseman in the league when he was an active player. Then, who do you think would be the best candidate for Lotte’s starting second baseman position in this season when An Chi-hong was forced to go to Hanwha Eagles? “I know that Go Seung-min is trying to change his position to second base ahead of this season,” Park said. “Go Seung-min has good batting ability. On the other hand, his defense is considered weak, and I expect him to do better in the future as he can achieve rapid growth if he trains closely during the off-season.” “I was able to acquire a decent defense capability after training more than 500 funkos a day under Kang Byung-chul. He will also have long legs.”

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